Allow multiple HubSpot owners to be assigned to Contacts, Companies and Deals

I am carrying this idea just over from the old HubSpot ideas plattform:

  1. Here (with a great suggestion on implemenation)
  2. And here

"Many (if not all) of our clients need the ability to attribute multiple owners to Contacts, Companies and Deals in the CRM."


"In our case we have multiple people working on the same deal. Currently all I can do is filter the deals by the hubspot owner but I would love to be able to track the ROI of individual salesmen but I get incomplete data right now because they might have worked on part of a quote that was assign to someone else because we cant add multiple users."


The problem shows up when you set users so that they can only see their assigned contacts and unassigned contacts.


The current workarounds (not setting a user or just not working in a team) are... less than satisfactory. It would be great to hear when this change comes.



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I agree with this suggestion. I also have situations where more than one rep will be working a deal or with a contact. It'd be nice to have the ability to assign a co-owner or something along those lines. Allowing the reps to all see every contact isn't a good solution either. A co-owner or similar setting would be great. 

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Hi bray,

you are absolutely right. A secondary, tertiary et cetera Owner would be awesome.


>> Allowing the reps to all see every contact isn't a good solution either.


Totally agree! Proposing this as a solution is a joke, but sadly reality right now.

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This is a huge concern for my client: they want to restrict their sales users to only view their own contacts, but they need regional groups and sales teams to have collaborative access to companies and deals and the user permission to view "owned only" makes it impossible to have both. They want to back out of using the HubSpot CRM for this very reason.

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I agreed because my client run job hunting business, where the marketing leader assigns each applicant to both a sales person and a recuriter. They both are supposed to attend a meeting so this functionality is in need.



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One more use case to consider:

Big B2B companies with one buyer covering many regions. On the other hand, the seller company has different reps for each of the regions. It is happening to us right now. 

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This goes along with when you refer deals to other companies or have multiple companies (and reps) working on a deal.

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We have the need for this as well.


We sell many types of products and one company might buy several different product types from us, and our salespeople only sell one product type.


So it makes sense that a contact could potentially have multiple hubspot owners.  Same goes for deals and companies.


Please make this a priority.  It is one of the larger pain points for us and hubspot.  The other being a not very robust permissions system.  

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Yes. We would also like to see this. This is a major component of our company.

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We have BDRs and Sales Account Execs that work on the same account. The BDR nurtures the account until they are ready to move to a Sales Rep. For the Account/Contact/Deal - we want the Hubspot Owner to be the Sales Rep but we want to be able to credit the BDR for the nurturing and pipleine created. We'd can create the field "BDR Owner", but we'd like that field to be able to select from Hubspot Users, rather than have it be a manually entered field.