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Allow more then 5 pin views in tickets

Currently we are only allowed 5 pinned views/filters when looking at tickets, techincally its only 4 because All Tickets is already pinned and you cannot remove it. I would like to suggest being able to pin at least 10 views/filters. 


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Agreed! I have more than 4 Contact List Views that I would like to pin. 

Much like tabs on GoogleChrome, you should be able to add as many as you need. 


I would love to see the option to be able to pin more than 5 views in the company list. 


I agree 100%.  Three unique pins are too limiting. I would like one for each sales team.  So yes 10 would be nice. 


Please, this is very limiting 😞


We have just started using Hubspot and often need multiple views, so more than 5 pinned would be ideal for us all


Sometimes you have to wonder why it is that companies decide on these arbitrary values for the maximum number of things in general, but in this case the maximum number of views that can be pinned = 5.  Please change this...


One other alternative I thought might be a useful alternative to this would be to have predefined filters that can be applied to views, and have these assigned to a button.   Example, I want to see all of the tickets in a particular view that are in a particular state.  Today of course I can select filter and go in and select the fiter criteria and apply it, but if I navigate away from that page and come back I have to do it all over again.  Obviously I can save that customer filter as a view, but then I would have to go and search for that view and select it.   Which of course creates the same situation yet again if I change the page and then navigate back.   One answer to this is to create a new tab on your browser everytime you click on a link on a custom view page that you can't pin.....this is of course how I end up with 50-60 tabs open in chrome and can never find where I started from int he first place.


So the short answer is remove the restriction of the number of pinned views that you can have, or create a drop down list of views that you can quickly select or create some sort of option to add a button or drop down list of customized filters that can be applied to existing views (pinned or otherwise).


One or these would make the interface more productive.




I totally agree with this! Especially when you got new employees that still need to learn the ropes.. This might be a great start to have a good overview before they know more about hubspot. I would really appreciate it if Hubspot makes it able to do so. I mean what helps us helps you guys doesn't it?