Allow meetings links to redirect to teammates' when OOO

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Currently, when someone with an active Meetings link goes on vacation, the process of ensuring that no leads slip through the cracks is cumbersome. Meetings users can adjust their calendar availability, but in today's world, it's crucial to catch leads for demos and consults as soon as they're ready for them. If the only meetings available are for a couple of weeks out, companies can lose those leads.


If your Meetings link is embedded on landing pages, in workflow emails, email signatures, etc., it can be an incredibly manual process to update all of those links with a colleague's Meetings link and then revert them when you return from being OOO. It's also fairly manually to disconnect your own calendar from your meetings link and connect a colleague's calendar.


Instead, we should institute a feature that allows users to redirect traffic going to a certain Meetings link to another colleague's for a few days to a couple of weeks.


Note: This would be for teams that aren't normally using a round robin-style meetings link.

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Yes, we had a similar situation where we need to redirect meeting URLs because our name changed. 


Now I no longer want to use the old links, but there is no way to redirect the links people still have to new URLs.

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We'd love to have a feature like this for when someone leaves our organization! 

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We could also use this feature in instances where a user would like to remove one of their Meetings links which they no longer use.

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I agree. When one salesperson leaves, we need to be able to redirect their meeting link to someone who is still here!

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Echoing what others have said - we have a sales team member leaving and our current meeting link was set up a while ago and is associated to her. We are in the process of changing everything over but if there are links out there we miss (or ones people have in email) we can't fix those. Would be really nice to be able to redirect these. 

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Echoing other replies here.


In the event of a person moving from the company, it would make sense to redirect the meeting requests to another user in Hubspot. The person requesting the meeting wants to meet with the company and not with the person, so making the link static and not able to be forwarded is a drawback to any sales organization where things are always fluid.


This should be implemented sooner rather than later.



updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. 




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Hey guys,

Any estimate on when this will be reviewed? We also have a number of links with a former sales rep which are already out there and we need a way to redirect incoming traffic to a sales rep currently active in the company.


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Agreed. Even for those that are Round Robin. When a team member leaves the company, I need to be able to redirect their links to members who are still here.