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Allow manual editing of contact create interactions for individual contacts

We are using HubSpot's Contact Create Attribution reports as a centralized reporting device for our lead generation and conversion efforts.


One current limitation is that the interactions that a contact had before contact creation cannot be modified manually, which would help a great deal to correct/refine reporting for individual contacts who for example may have interacted with our business via non-tracked sources such as phone calls with sales, recommendations from others, or offline events.


It would be amazing to be able to retroactively add, remove or edit interactions (i.e. any data points that are relevant to the reporting, such as interaction source/type/date/position in the path etc.) that are taken into account for a specific contact for their contact create attribution, so that tracking limitations or errors can be fixed and reporting quality improved.

The most common use case for us here would be to add a new First Interaction for which we could select one of the available interaction types/sources/media/campaigns etc. to properly account for the impact of e.g. specific offline events which currently are not attributed as part of the contact create journey.


Note: I am aware that it is possible to edit contacts' Original Source property, but since this property is not taken into account as an interaction in the sense of an attribution report path, doing this would not help in this scenario.