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Allow loading new CTAs (Beta) outside of iframe

The new CTA tool is amazing! Great work team! 


However, it looks like pop-ups load within iframes, which makes sense to ensure styling and scripts are isolated from the embedded website. 

However, at the moment this means those submissions and clicks can't be tracked from these on third party analytics services (such as google analytics). 


It would be great to be able to load these outside an iframe if required, or some way to embed custom tracking codes into the head HTML of the iframe. 

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Yes, please!


+1 - the basic hubspot pop up forms are easily trackable. Please also make the CTA Beta Forms trackable.



I was very happy with the CTA Beta, but then found out it was loaded in an iFrame essentially not being able to track :'(


I have an additional use case for this, beyond scripts and trackers — I want to be able to use the pop up to generate a link, and include the original page as a parameter in the link.


For example, I want to be able to create a popup that prompts a user to login, and includes a parameter called "return" that includes the original page URL. So it'd work like this:

  1. CTA is configured to display on*
  2. The user visits and see the CTA
  3. The CTA includes a button that says "Login Now" with a link to


Because the CTA could render on an infinite number of pages that start with, it can't be hard-coded in—I need to pass a variable.


I've tried each of the below variables, but because it renders in an iframe, the always return values like or /hs-web-interactive-1231231-125123123510

  • {{ request.full_url }}
  • {{ request.path }}
  • {{ request.query }}
  • {{ request.referrer }}
  • {{ request.headers }}
  • {{ content.absolute_url }}
  • {{ page_meta.canonical_url }}



Related: Having access to useful information about the parent frame in the iframe's variables:


Hello, came from another thread that's been solved to avoid duplicates. On the other though, @BérangèreL invited subject matter experts into the conversation. Could you perhaps do it here as well? 🙂


Haven't been able to find a solution to track the form on CTA (Beta) that loads within the iframe either.




Being able to load the CTA's outside an iframe would be wonderful!  We currently give our (legacy) CTA's styling outside of the CTA tooling. When the CTA is displayed in a iframe, we lose that functionality which has a big impact on our website(s). 



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Yes please! We are unable to create custom styling for the CTA's.


Another vote for this. Wasted a lot of time today trying to get GA event tracking working for a form in a CTA. 


Yes, please! We need a solution for this