Allow granular consent for different type of cookies



This idea is not new. In this forum you will find multiple requests on how to implement a granular cookie consent. This means that the visitor can allow or disallow each type of cookie. In my country (Belgium) I even see governement recommendations to go as deep as the level of the cookie itself.... Anyhow, more and more legal departments seems to require this granular approach on "type"-level (necessary, functional, advertising, etc...). I would like to re-propose the idea that Hubspot offers this possibility at least for the cookies it controls itself (meaning also the cookies that are placed by Facebook, GA, LinedIn and all other platforms that you can link in Hubspot). At least the all or nothing approach Hubspot has now also controls the "linked" platforms but i fear this will not be enough for the near future in Europe. Therefore again this idea and hopefully the community will upvote this feature request.


PS : an idea posted by @magmar and linked to this idea : "Maybe it would be even better, if HubSpot would add functions to remote-control the HubSpot consents via API calls, so we would be free to use any consent management tool."

PPS : Please share any experience with a succesfull integration of commercial tools like CookieBot. I heard people had to unlink the social media platforms from Hubspot in order to make it work, thus loosing the advantage to create audiences within Hubspot based on Facebook-activity (or LinkedIn or Google).