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Allow free and starter users to delay email automation until double opt-in is accepted

Double opt-in is required in Austria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland, all countries with HubSpot users (and even a HubSpot office in Germany). 

This means emails can't be sent from a sender without the recipient opt-ing in via a double opt-in email. 


Right now, marketing free and starter allow for simple workflows with basic email automation (such as sending a follow-up email after a form submission). This however is rendered completely useless by double opt-in as the follow-up emails send immediately without waiting for the double opt-in. 

This decimates send rates as most contacts will be bucketed into the "not sent" lists and left there, once they opt in they can be manually emailed but again, this defeats the purpose of email automation. 


With workflows (marketing pro) it's possible to wait for the opt-in to send an email, but the price jump is hard to justify for just that single feature. 


It would be great, and I'm sure critical for some users, to have an option to wait for double opt-in to trigger any email automation. For example this may be a global setting in DOI to enable to say don't enroll contact in automation until after DOI has been accepted.