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Allow forms to be associated with a Campaign

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Right now, only forms on landing pages can be assigned to a HubSpot campaign. However, we have forms embedded on our website's pages that are campaign-specific and not HS landing pages.


Therefore, leads generated by a non-landing page form will not count towards the total number generated within a campaign.


Can you allow forms without landing pages to be associated with campaigns?

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April 06, 2022 01:26 AM

Hi everyone, 

March 22, 2022 06:18 AM

Hi @mark-franken! Happy to provide some context here. In this case it is not a gap in the Campaign<>Form association, but instead related to how the "New Contacts (First/Last Touch)" report works. There is information on how this number is caculated at this link but the quick overview is that this report is specifically associated to website traffic, not engagement on other marketing assets. It is reported when a contact first visits a web pages where: 

  • the first page they visit has a URL containing utm_campaign parameters matching the HubSpot Campaign; or
  • the first page they visit is associated with the campaign;

Since external (non-HS) website pages cannot yet be associated with a HubSpot Campaign, the only time where traffic via an external page will count is if there is a matching utm_capaign query parameter during the visit.


An appropriate follow-up question is why does the New Contacts report only measure contacts via website traffic, this is a great question and one we're working on this year. Our goal is to make this report accurately reflect what we've found most customers have asked for which is a report describing "The number of new contacts generated as a result of engagement on assets in this campaign" (i.e. new contacts via any channel, not just website traffic). I don't have timelines on that work right now, we're working on broader reprorting upgrade to campaigns at the moment to make campaigns analytics data accessible in tools like Lists / Workflows / Lead Scoring / Custom Reports, and once that work is done we should have a better handle on next steps for upgrades to the "New Contacts (First/Last Touch)" report too.


Hope this helps!

In Beta
March 02, 2022 04:14 AM

Hi everyone. First off thank you for your patience here, I know I've been a little sparce on the replies here, we've been inching closer and closer on this feature and I was trying to ensure I had some good news to share when I provided the next post here, and I'm glad to say that is now the case. 


We have officially opened up a beta for Form association with Marketing Campaigns today. This feautre is complete and we don't expect any issues, but we're going through the formal beta process to manage the rapid growth in usage we're expecting. 


Getting to the important part, if you'd like to get access right away, you can submit your portal ID in this form and you'll get access within one business day:


If you'd like a visual walkthrough of the feature and an overview of how it works, you can check out this demo video:


Sincerely thank you for sticking with us here, this feature required an almost complete rebuild of the entire Campaigns system and the team has been actively working on this feature for over a year and a half. The work that went into this feature has also paved the way for us to dramatically expand campaigns even further, we're already getting started on integrating in external website pages and the Marketing Events feature too.

Being Reviewed
May 22, 2020 11:36 AM

Hi everyone, some news to share with you all here. Similar to my update just now on the good news here is that we're focused on a substantial upgrade to the campaigns infrastructure to make it possible for us to associate forms, and lead flow (pop up forms), any all other HubSpot assets with Campaigns. This work requires an almost total rearchitecture of the campaigns app, meaning I don't have a tangible timeline to share with you right now but I can confirm that this is our primary focus and is scheduled to be complete this year.


Appreciate all your feedback and upvotes here, looking forward to bringing this to reality for you all. 


Additionally, I'd love to learn more about how you're currently using the Campaigns app and other places we could improve. If you have a little time I'd really appreciate if you could check out this survey and share your thoughts:

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I need this now ! 


I also agree this is horrible that HubSpot does not offer this feature! I feel a lot of HubSpot features are limited to HubSpot pages, but most of us do not creat a website using HubSpot! Really hope to see this becomes available soon. It's been 2 years since the very first post of this topic. 


Yes, this is needed. I have forms on website pages that I would like to associate with Hubspot campaign, not a Salesforce campaign. Campaign and marketing efforts that need to be evaluated exist throughout our website, not just on landing pages. 


This is a killer - not being able to attach lead flows to a campiagn has over 50% of our results showing "no value" - super disapointing. Doing it by form is a little better but not ideal (hard to select just the 5-7 forms we want to see).  


Have to's kind of baffling this isn't possible.  Essential to creating any remotely useful reporting for us.  


This would be so helpful!  


I really need to be able to report on form submissions associated with a campaign. This seems to be an obvious element and is noticeably absent.


Another thing that is obvious but not available, two years since first requested too....


We would really appreciate being able to add the number of form submissions to our campaign reporting, as those are our key KPIs. Everything we do is geared towards providing sales with marketing qualified leads, and most of the time that will be someone who has submitted a form.


Forms are major KPIs. They SHOULD be included in campaigns. 


Agreed. With a simple form, there's no need to take time to build a landing page. Please allow the forms to be linked to campaigns as their own assets. 




We have forms embedded on WordPress pages (e.g., contact us) that must remain on the main domain (can't do a landing page).


The campaign reporting tool is very useful - but we should be able to associate forms to a campaign to make the reporting more cohesive. We're currently missing a huge chunk because of the web collected and pop-up forms!


Since a form is also a lead capture opportunity, it makes totally sence that one can add a form to a campaign. Specially when you place the form on a website outside of hubspot.


Just realized this was NOT available. Color me shocked. We need this because we have several key forms that are embedded on our site rather than a HS landing page. 


I know you can link CTAs and landing pages to campaigns, but in our case our website is WP and we put HubSpot forms for campaigns on our website, not on HubSpot landing pages (because of the way they look and website analytics). This means we are unable to have new contacts for a campaign assign to the campaign, making campaigns pretty redundant for us...


We need to be able to associate forms with campaigns to see the number of contacts coming through that are linked to specific campaigns.

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The idea has been submitted 2 years ago with ~200 Up-Votes.  So I think it is time for an official statement from HubSpot side...!?


It's been almost 2 years! When will this get implemented?


This is a MUST HAVE for our business, and our ability to track campaign effectiveness. Had I known this was not a capabillity, I may have chosen a different platform. I've never used any MA solution that couldn't affiliate a form with a campaign.


I would also like to see this functionality appear. I'm currently using a pop-up form to advertise our latest blog article on an ext. website - this blog is related to a specific campaign but cannot associate this pop-up to that campaign. Meaning it's harder to review a campaign long-term without looking at different sources within Hubspot.