Allow forms to be associated with a Campaign

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Right now, only forms on landing pages can be assigned to a HubSpot campaign. However, we have forms embedded on our website's pages that are campaign-specific and not HS landing pages.


Therefore, leads generated by a non-landing page form will not count towards the total number generated within a campaign.


Can you allow forms without landing pages to be associated with campaigns?

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I really feel that lead flows need to be included in campaigns. They are a hybrid between a CTA and a form so I see why you may classify them as a form (and therefore not include them in campaigns) but they are now a key part to our campaigns and those of our clients so definitely need to be included.

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Would love to be able to attach a lead flow to a campaign

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Would love to be able to add another field! 

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Agreed, please do, most of our campaigns are based on leadflows

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It would be great to be able to get Leadflows reports added to a campaign, so that we can have a 360° view.

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Would be great to be able to associate lead flows with campaigns. We're using lead flows for different whitepaper downloads so would be great to see an overall performance in a campain.

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Our client wants to have a form to enroll guests during trade fairs / congresses that is used mainly by their sales associates. A dropdown menu to chose the trade fair (and the corresponding campaign) would help track new contacts and use the data to chose whether specific trade fairs are worth the hassle.


I'm looking forward to your solution.



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It would be great if we could add lead flow submissions to campaign. Our leadflow is for our newsletter sign up; we have a campaign tied to that with othe form submissions, but can't do it with the flow. Would be very helpful.

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Coming back to this hoping someone will eventually pick it up - this is a real sticking point for campaigns as lead flows work really well but their effectiveness cannot be rightly reflected in campaign reporting! Now the campaign reporting has been improved this is a must!

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 This is a no-brainer and I'm boggled as to why this functionality has yet to be incorporated. I would bet that are thousands of customers that use embedded forms or pop-up forms, it seems like a mistake that one can associate a hubspot form but not a hubspot embedded form with a campaign. This puts a major damper on our ability to use the campaign feature.