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Allow forms to be associated with a Campaign

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Right now, only forms on landing pages can be assigned to a HubSpot campaign. However, we have forms embedded on our website's pages that are campaign-specific and not HS landing pages.


Therefore, leads generated by a non-landing page form will not count towards the total number generated within a campaign.


Can you allow forms without landing pages to be associated with campaigns?

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Desperately need this as well.


Given the traction this has received and the lack of response Hubspot side, it feels like it's an intentional product decision to make Hubspot a stickier product, forcing users to bring their website, blog, and landing pages into Hubspot.

I really hope that the product team revisits this decision and considers it's wider userbase that use external websites.


We spend a fortune on Hubspot and we simply cannot afford to spend a fortune moving our entire site over to their product for some basic campaign reporting.


Please reconsider this.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, some news to share with you all here. Similar to my update just now on the good news here is that we're focused on a substantial upgrade to the campaigns infrastructure to make it possible for us to associate forms, and lead flow (pop up forms), any all other HubSpot assets with Campaigns. This work requires an almost total rearchitecture of the campaigns app, meaning I don't have a tangible timeline to share with you right now but I can confirm that this is our primary focus and is scheduled to be complete this year.


Appreciate all your feedback and upvotes here, looking forward to bringing this to reality for you all. 


Additionally, I'd love to learn more about how you're currently using the Campaigns app and other places we could improve. If you have a little time I'd really appreciate if you could check out this survey and share your thoughts:


Contact property values would be another asset I'd like to be able to pull into campaigns as well as linkedin lead gen forms. For example I created a 2020 Events property that is synced from Salesforce so when new leads are generated at in person events I can track that as their source in Hubspot. It'd be great to attribute this property to specific campaigns as I often run multiple channel efforts around the event as well. 

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Definitely essential. Really struggling to associate embedded form submissions to campaigns, first touch converting campaign, etc. Would also love to be able to associate contacts to campaigns via workflow.


@Shay - any update on this? This is essential for me also, as we use pop-up forms specific to campaigns on our main site and these can't be attributed to campaigns right now.


Additionally, can we add 'GoToWebinar' registrants to campaigns, or would this be best in a workflow?


@Shaytomorrow is the one year anniversary of your "this is our primary focus and is scheduled to be complete this year" statement — any update?


(I'm sure covid messed w/ your dev process in the last year+, but any update would be helpful!)


@ShayI would also be interested to know when we can expect to see the feature / revised campaign tool, as the last update to this was over a year ago now.


Ugh... how is this not a thing yet? It would solve so many of our problems if we could tie external landing pages, and forms, to a campaign in Hubspot. Any update?


Please can we get an update on whether this feature is going to be added? It's been over a year!


@Shay can you provide an update on this? 

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Supporting this idea! We embedded a form below our blog post. But we can't associate this form to HubSpot campaigns so the Influenced Contacts isn't accurate. Would really love to add forms as Campaign Asset~ Hoping to get an update soon. Thanks!


Hello! For what I see this was schedule to be done before the end of 2020, do we have some news on the timeline? trying to find a workaround to such a logic process has been very complicated....

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Please could we have form submissions connected to a campaign - as an agency we are missing out on show our clients that our campaigns are effective.  


Yes please!  Especially important given the current pandemic.  We are setting virtual meetings or webinars by simply forwarding a link to a form for registration to companies.  these sessions are not official webinars open to the public but essentially are replacing in house boardroom sessions due to restrictions.  As such, the submission of these forms are important assets to the overall campaign.  Each session has it's own form as it is customized to the company and so it would be great to be able to look at the campaign as a whole to see how these sessions are doing.  We can't even bring in the lists as they are active lists based on forms submissions which is another issue that should be fixed asap.

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Any news on this?


We're looking at Marketo and other solutions at this point. HubSpot has been promising to fix deficiencies in the Campaigns tool since 2019 and it never happens. Our renewal is in Feb. and I'm just fed up at this point. The company is only interested in expanding into new categories and is ignoring base marketing functionality others have had for several years. I'm done.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone. First off thank you for your patience here, I know I've been a little sparce on the replies here, we've been inching closer and closer on this feature and I was trying to ensure I had some good news to share when I provided the next post here, and I'm glad to say that is now the case. 


We have officially opened up a beta for Form association with Marketing Campaigns today. This feautre is complete and we don't expect any issues, but we're going through the formal beta process to manage the rapid growth in usage we're expecting. 


Getting to the important part, if you'd like to get access right away, you can submit your portal ID in this form and you'll get access within one business day:


If you'd like a visual walkthrough of the feature and an overview of how it works, you can check out this demo video:


Sincerely thank you for sticking with us here, this feature required an almost complete rebuild of the entire Campaigns system and the team has been actively working on this feature for over a year and a half. The work that went into this feature has also paved the way for us to dramatically expand campaigns even further, we're already getting started on integrating in external website pages and the Marketing Events feature too.

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this is awesome! looking forward to seeing additional imprivements and new features in future for the marketing campaigns.


@Shay Fantastic news. This will really help our team with attribution. Thanks for your help and the update. Looking forward to more steps this direction in the campaign tool.


@Shay  I was excited by this development but there appears to be a huge gap in functionality vs. what is needed. I'm on the beta and tested this, but new form submissions form an externally hosted website shows the new leads as INFLUENCED and not NEW. Do you not attribute people as NEW contacts with this new functionality? Was this overlooked?