Allow forms to be associated with a Campaign

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Right now, only forms on landing pages can be assigned to a HubSpot campaign. However, we have forms embedded on our website's pages that are campaign-specific and not HS landing pages.


Therefore, leads generated by a non-landing page form will not count towards the total number generated within a campaign.


Can you allow forms without landing pages to be associated with campaigns?

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Absolutely essential 


Could this be done by assigning a custom tracking URL

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Agreed, this is quite an oversight by hubspot.

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Yes! I was surprised that this is not possible... Have worked with a number of MAPs and very surprised that Hubspot does not offer this.

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Lead flows to have campaign tags... another upvote from me...

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Greatly Needed...While using HS landing pages is the preferred method, it seems allowing specific forms to be added to campaigns would be simple and a no-brainer.


I strongly vote YES! to get this done ASAP.

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 love and need this idea.

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Definitely needed. This is another example of a basic functionality that is sorely missing -- like being able to upoad contacts and associate to a campaign. A first touch campaign conversion report should show all ways that people enter into HubSpot. This should include embedded forms and also Lead Flows. 


I'm feeling like HubSpot is slowly existing product improvements for expanding its footprint into other areas like CRM and Service.

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I strongly agree.  We use lead flows to promote our campaigns and have seen a HUGE success with enrollment through the lead flows, but it's soooo hard to track.  


Being able to attach them and report collectively would help justify our HubSpot costs to my board. 

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We really need lead flows to be able to attach to campaigns. This seems obvious as everything else connects to a campaign within HubSpot. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this change!!!

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100% agreed, this makes no sense that the forms aren't available to connect to a campaign. 

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 Yes! Definitely need to be able to attribute specific lead flows to campaigns. Any chance this will be done soon?

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Hi Guys,


We are stugling with that thing to associate contacts to campaigns. It is crucial to have option to assign forms on campaigns. Not all forms are on hubspot landing pages...


The discussion was opened year and a half ago, can someone say is there any progress on it at all?




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This is an obvious miss. Need to be able to track leads coming through flows as part of our campaigns

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I agree and upvote to this feature. 

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Agree that this is an oversight and should be added. A colleague just suggested adding automated reply emails to those forms and assigning those emails (or their corresponding workflows) to that campaign. Not sure what kind of measurement you'd get.

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Just to throw my name in here, I would really like to be able to use a form in campaigns. I manage real estate listings, which are shown in search results pages on Wordpress (not published within the Hubspot CMS as landing page). The Hubspot code is on the Wordpress search results pages, and I can scrape any forms there, or use Hubspot forms, but not tie them into the campaign to track activity for the property campaign.


I really hope this can be an added feature soon.


Right now, I can't create a campaign for our single most important demo request on our website, as it's a popup form. 

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Impossible to get a complete view of campaigns you need to get leadflow data.  

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Definitely need to add this. To be able to segment contacts/companies into various campaigns at any touch point is vital. Even just to have the option when creating a form for example that lets you allocate anyone who completes it to a particular campaign, without having to of had your website built in Hubspot would be very beneficial.

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We need this.  


Most website contact pages are not created with HubSpot (if a company uses a different CMS, like Wordpress). So, the fact that we can't attach a contact form (the most often filled out form for a company) to a campaign is crazy.  Especially because we use the "last touch campaign" property for contact filters, and can't include contacts who have converted on the contact form in these filters.