Allow for private knowledge base articles

While we want most knowledge base articles to be public, there are some we want to keep private so that only our customer service representatives can view them. For example, a customer might ask a question that's sensitive, and we want to have an article for reps on how to respond to the question. So, ideally:


  • Enable a "Private" setting on knowledge base articles
  • Only allow certain users (maybe admins) to toggle this off once it's set
  • Don't show private articles in public knowledge base
  • Don't allow these articles to be searched through the chatbot interface or the knowledge base search box
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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

@karengerberry if you send me an email I can get you access to our Beta for Restricted Access:

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This would be HUGE for our 50+ customer support team we're thinking about moving into HubSpot.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

Restricting access to areas of your Knowledge Base is available in beta. If you would like access to this feature please PM me with your Hub Id.

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It would also have been good if you could restrict the Knowledge base itself, so if someone finds our URL to our KB site, they get a page saying they need to register? Users who have previously have registered can log in.

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@goconnor i would like to input some fedback reagarding the private KB articles. 

the private knowledge base article is for the service team to be able t osolve the incidents, tie articles to tickets and so on. 


I want the option to set permissions for a hubspot team or users to access specific article or part of the knowledgebase (maybe on categories and so on). I dont want to use the list funcition to do this since that is bases on the contact system and thats is not what i use it for. Hope this makes sence. Smiley Very Happy

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@Fredrikhoglind we are currently working on extending the functionality of restricted access articles so that users can make articles accessible to only users logged into your HubSpot portal. This will stop the need of having to use contact lists to restrict articles for internal use only.

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How do we access the option for restricted access that was mentioned to be in beta? @goconnor 

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I'd love access to this as well. This ability has been holding me back on going big with KB.