Allow for pop-up forms to display the form immediately instead of after a click

Currently, there is no option to allow for the form to appear as the first thing the visitor sees on the pop-up. The visitor must first click on the pop-up and then the form appears. It seems more like a pop-up CTA not a pop-up form. One less step for the visitor would be for the form to just appear as the pop-up instead of a CTA first appearing and only when clicked will the form appear. When creating the 'pop-up form' you could have the option to have the form appear after the CTA or without a CTA. Thanks for your consideration! 

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Agreed! Having the user click on a button to display the form just adds an extra step, and therefore friction, to completing and submitting the form.

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I'd like to add some metrics to this conversation. We have just started using the pop-up modal, almost 2 weeks ago now. When we look at the metrics provided by HubSpot:


6% of callout views click to view the form

64% of form views submit


Now imagine what that form submission might be if there wasn't a call out and the form was immediately presented instead, reducing the extra step and friction of the callout.

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Agreed! We also need this feature.