Allow for negative priced line items in deal


As explained in my community question there's no way to add items with a price/amount less than zero.

A common use case for our BDRs is to give customers a one-time discount to i.e. offset provider change fees. For that we'd simply add a product to the deal with a negative price.

This way we could also pull that item through the API.


Discounts added in quotes are a no-go as they're not reflected in the deal amount or anywhere else and can't be accessed through an API. Descibed here  and here.


Please consider adding the possibility to add negative priced items to a deal.

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We also have a use case for a feature like this, and it would be great if it also allowed a negative Item Cost.


The scenario we have is that we have a product with specific features, but the sales team can offer discounts that remove some of those features. So we would like the margin to be able to reflect the fact that those features are no longer included, and therefore no longer impacting the cost (to us) of the product.