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Allow for more than one meetings embed code on one page

  • Currently if more than one meetings embed code is utilized on a single page, only one meetings widget will appear on the page.
  • For example, if four different meetings embed codes are placed on a page, only one widget will appear, but it will appear four times.
  • Continues to happen if each code is placed inside of its own iframe/cell.

Allowing for more than one meetings widget to be used on a page would be a great addition to this tool! 

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Currently meeting embeds don't instantiate the way forms and CTAs do. Can this be changed to instantiate embeds?


Currently, we're creating a contact page where a user is able to select a region and be presented with a different meeting widget. As I understand it, we would need this region select logic to occur before a user requests a meeting since they aren't a lead yet and therefore can't be funneled to an appropriate owner using the logic built-in with hubspot.

HubSpot Product Team

This is now possible! Please reach out to Support if you notice anything not working as expected.