Allow for more than one gotowebinar account to integrate with Hubspot


We have 2 GoToWebinar accounts. One for EMEA and one for the Americas. We have to disconnect the integration and then reconnect it every time we do a webinar in a different theater. Looking for a feature enhancement to allow for more than one GoToWebinar account to integrate into Hubspot.

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Hi everyone! We just purchased an additional GTW license without realizing that it would not integrate with HubSpot. Our sales team will be running their webinars on this separate license and the goal was to really allow them to be self-sufficient and not need Marketings help.  Has anyone figured out a good workaround? Building a zap for every sales webinar would be extremely tedious. Uninstalling and installing the two integrations is OK but not when Marketing is running promotions for an upcoming webinar. Hopeful that someone has come up with a more clever solution!


Please, please fix this! Currently, we have four brand domains within our HubSpot account and all own GTW accounts. Right now, we physically have to disconnect one GTW account from HubSpot connections, so we can connect and sync another for an upcoming webinar, and vice versa ad nosium. This is such a pain point.


Hello Aprillava,


Our GoToWebinar account manager was able to solve this for us! The trick is to add the main account (the one that you always want syncing to HubSpot) as a co-host to all events in the other accounts. This will sync those events to the main account, therefore syncing the data over to HubSpot! No more disconnecting / reconnecting. Let me know if this works for you!

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Hi everyone!

We have built a solution.

If you can upvote here, we may be able to provide this to everyone.

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It seems that the needed solution will not be available any soon. 
Thus, we have generated a custom one for this until it becomes an official HubSpot feature.
Please check this to see the details.


PS: We plan to present this custom solution as an application that can be installed from the marketplace. 

Contact us : 


We have exactly the same issue, that we have three Go To Webinar Accounts but can just connect one at a time. It would be really urgent to be able to connect several Go To Webinar Accounts.


We have 4 GoToWebinar accounts for different business units. This feature is super important for us.


We also need this functionality as we have two GTW accounts. Tying to brand domains would work for us, or just allowing multiple accounts to be integrated.