Allow for more than one gotowebinar account to integrate with Hubspot

We have 2 GoToWebinar accounts. One for EMEA and one for the Americas. We have to disconnect the integration and then reconnect it every time we do a webinar in a different theater. Looking for a feature enhancement to allow for more than one GoToWebinar account to integrate into Hubspot.

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We are looking exactly for a same solution! Would be very good to have this option.

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We desperately need the same! We have multiple GTW accounts and often have webinars running at the same time. We were banking on the integration to provide us with the webinar details we need for targeting, email nurturing, etc.

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 We're also looking for the same! Our marketing team does thought leadership webinars to generate MQLs and our sales team does product demos through GTW as the first stage of our Deal cycle. Each sales person has their own GTW account and marketing has its own, as well. 

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Yes, we really would benefit from multiple accounts being linked as well. Our marketing team does prospect facing webinars, while our Product Marketing team will schedule client product education webinars. 

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This would be valuable. It's nice that you can connect/unconnect and maintain synced data but would be BETTER to be able to have access to multiple key webinar accounts at the same time for workflow purposes. Thanks!

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 Yes, need the functionality too!

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We desperately are in need of this! We're looking at adding two additional accounts to and our CRM just can't support this. How close is this to becoming a functionality? 

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Why hasn't anything been done about this in 2 years? We have been sold an enterprise account that we thought could be used for different brands; however, using more than one webinar account is intergral to our use. This is very frustrating! I was hoping there was at least one webinar product that would allow this with HubSpot, but I was told there is not. HELP!!