Allow for more than 4 favorite filters on the deals tab

Right now 4 is the limit (or 5, as you are able to 'un-favorite' 'all deals, and use that for another filtered view).

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This would be highly beneficial for our management team - here are a few use case examples:


Sales Manager could 'favorite' views created for each agent.

Sales VP could 'favorite' views created for each region.

Sales Assistant could 'favorite' views created for each agent they support.


We have several other uses where more than 4 favorites would be beneficial. For us 8-10 is sufficient, but I can see where more could be beneficial to others.


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The ability to have more than 4 "Favorite" filters would greatly benefit our project management, sales, and accounting teams.



1. The organizations that we work with are categorized based on "type" and we have 10 types right now; it would be great to have the option to have each of those "types" saved as a favorite filter for easy access for accounting and project management.


2. We also have our organizations marked as "Active" or "Inactive" and we do tend to look back on organizations to see when they left and the reason why, so it would also be helpful to have those 2 different filters set as "Favorites"


3. We keep a ton of information for every single one of our customers and most of them are items that we need to filter by, so, again, having those filters readily available would help our entire company.


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IMHO, there really shouldn't be a limit.


If we want to overwhelm ourselves with favorites, it should be allowed!

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Me too! at least 20 favourites please

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According to HS, we need 100 upvotes for a suggestion to be reviewed. 😕


"I believe it must have over 100 up-votes for it to be considered and reviewed, however this does not guarantee it will be implemented once it is reviewed."

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Yes, we need more as well. It is annying that it's limited to 4 (5 including the all option.)

There are a few threads re. favorites on contacts - same thing.