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Allow for historic Created Date import

We are just getting set up with HubSpot CRM and therefore have a ton of historic data we would like to bring into the system, "Created Date" being one of them. 


As this is a read only property set by HubSpot, we aren't able to import data into this field despite the fact that all of our users currntly have a "Created Date" in the past. 


Can HubSpot please allow for this field to be imported into or at least have a HubSpot specific "HubSpot Created Date" so that we can use the historic and new created date for reporting within one property?


Seems silly that we can't bring our past data in for any "Created Date" reporting or for our support team and instead need to create a custom property to solve for historic data. 

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Great idea ! I had the same issue 


Plus one from me.