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Allow for date picker field on form to display either a calendar or manual entry

Recently the date picker field on a form was changed to manual entry instead of displaying a calendar. I suggest modifying this to combine the past and present. I suggest that users can pick either to display a calendar or to use the manual entry on their date picker form field. Giving two options helps to solve for all types of users and needs. Thanks!

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Seriously HS, this is whack. What is the justification to make it a typing field? 


It's actually a bit more complex than that. If you access the form directly we get the manual entry. If you embed the form on a web-page you get the calendar picker and frankly (not the nicest calenar picker) . So yes you should have the option to choose the style of input and ideally have soem more styling options for the calendar widget or at least integrate a more modern version.

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The date picker (calendar) on the embedded form is terrible. It doesn't look nice and it is absolutely not handy. It is not clear how another year can be selected quickly. The user clicks back to the desired year. When asking for a date of birth, this is very inconvenient, as it can be many years in the past.

It should be possible to choose a desired style of the input field (date picker or single fields for day, month and year).

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I agree with @MFischer! It would be great to be able to choose the style of the date input. The calendar is not user-friendly at all when asking for a date of birth, particularly not on mobile.


Is there any resolution for this? I'm currrently giving my customers a very bad experience when filling in forms. i can't see a way to go back years at a time, would be much better to have a free entry box. 

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This is really important for the user experience. Please, a calendar for date picking shouldn't be that difficult to implement 


Strong interest


First time user of the embedded calender and it looks terrible. The UX is clumsy, the charachters don't seem to fit and it'd be great to have the date picker option. 


Waiting on some kind of reply from @hubspot on this. Currently being held up on launching a client site because the date picker dropdown calendar on the embedded form has completely messed up styling to the point that it is unusable and wrestling it into place is very difficult because I can't right click + inspect the dropdown calendar.


Very unfortunate this is still not actioned after three years. Very disappointing that this enhancement hasnt been implemented. The current solution is a terrible UX when the form is embedded.


This would make a great feature; the current 'date picker' with manual input seems very outdated.


Also requesting this feature. Challenging when you have less technical users trying to submit the form and they don't know they have to click the year to change it.


This is embarrassing to include on a form.  Looks like we're 20 years behind in UX.  HubSpot, please address.


I was frustrated when I wrote the comment above!  I should have just said we have opted to create custom properties for month & year on our Forms instead of using the date picker because of the user experience with date picker.  Would prefer to use date picker.  HubSpot, please prioritize this.  🙂 


In our case, the date picker field doesn't work at all in forms, or at least in non-embedded forms (haved tried those yet). There's just the formatting points, but nothing can actually be entered:
 Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 15.32.40.png


Has this been fixed?  We are struggling with it now and were told by Hubspot Help Desk that the date picker should appear correctly on a form if the CSS code on our landing page is built correctly.