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Allow for customization of chat transcript email

I just installed Conversations on our site and am very excited about the prospect of capturing and cookie'ing new leads this way. We had previously used Intercom which is a great service but having the website-chat live inside Hubspot is awesome.


However, the UX has to be way more customizable, like ASAP.


I did a test conversation with myself and receive a chat transcript via email afterward. Some big things that stood out were:


1) The subject line: "Chat transcript on"


What? how about pull "StoreName" or whatever the token is, rather than "URL?" 


2) The "from email": "Jeremy Siegel from mediaspora LLC"


That mediaspora LLC is pulling from our legal business entity name, somewhere deep in the depths of Hubspot registration. Our dba, store, and company name are all "Pro Sound Effects." 


More nice-to-have realm:


3) A "get back in touch" CTA? (You're Hubspot, the CTA masters!).


4) Turn off emailing transcripts to customers entirely, or allow the customer to choose to receive it or not (most websites DO NOT defaultly email you a transcript of the chat).


#1 and #2 could actually hurt our brand and I'm considering deactivating Conversations and putting Intercom back up until these are addressed.



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June 02, 2020 04:56 AM

Thank so much for all this feedback. We are considering the feedback outlined in this issue and will update this ticket in a few months. Thanks!

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That's particularly important for non-English setups. We have just finished large implementation in Russia where everything on a customer-facing side is translated, except this email...


I agree with MikhailK. Being able to translate all possible things when you are not using one of the basic languages is crucial. Like for us too in Finland


Keeping "Conversations" within a team inbox seems important.

Currently, if a representative applies to a chat after a visitor has left the website the visitor will receive an email sent from the representative who replied. If the visitor replies to the chat transcript from within their inbox the conversation becomes a direct one conversation with the representative. This workflow removes the conversation from "Conversations" and defeats the purpose of team support.


Agree with Jeremy on this one. We need the option to turn the emails off if needed. Also the option to customize some of the info would be relly helpful. We only use the chat one one subdomain and the email subsject has this very long and confusing URL


Any updates on this? 

Would also love an option to use workflows to customize the follow-ups including internal & external emails


Also allowing transcripts to be customizable. To have theabilit to replacet the profile picture of the User to who is having the conversation with the company logo. 

HubSpot Product Team

Thank so much for all this feedback. We are considering the feedback outlined in this issue and will update this ticket in a few months. Thanks!

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Need both:

a) ability to customize content to fit our style of communication rather than this hard-coded text; 


b) non-English! cannot send chat transcripts in English to customers around the world, especially when the chat itself might have been in Portuguese, German or Chinese.


+1 here from us, we are wanting to not have the entire URL in our subject line or in the chat transcript header but instead our branded name would be great.

Chat Transcript from <BRAND>


Seems like a few of these things got fixed though as there are more options in this area now in the last 2 years. That said being able to change the subject line and other call outs are still needed.


The suggestions mentioned in items 1 and 2 are crucial for us here in Brazil as well. I hope that Hubspot will implement these new features soon.


Can't wait to see this be updated soon! Very essential for many businesses. We would absolutely utilize this.






Hubspot, is this request ever going to be prioritised? It was originally suggested over 3 years ago, so would love a specific timeline for implementation please!




I upvote this as well because we need to be able to:

1/ Edit the content: title, description and button

2/ Edit the language based on the contact's preferred language

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Hi HubSpot, 

I´m agree with this idea, if we want to give the best service to our customers since start a conversation to the final (when they recieved the email) we need to personalize the comunication. 💬 That´s the reason that I think its important we could edit the email transcription.


It would be very helpful. ¡Please HubSpot help us!  Thanks 🙂

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Hi, my client would like to take advantage of this transcript email to engage more with their customers by adding links to their webpages, it would be useful to have these customization options. Thanks. 


Olá, meu cliente gostaria de aproveitar este e-mail de transcrição para se envolver mais com seus clientes adicionando links aos sites deles, seria útil ter essas opções de personalização no e-mail de transcrição. Obrigada.


This is a very important feature that would be quite useful for us as well.
We manage 2 website in multiple languages using hubspot so it's frustrating seeing the automatic email getting sent in French to English customers...
Also it would be nice if the CTA text + link was customizable like other people said.

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Leaving my Upvote as we also need this URGENTLY for our german clients.


I support all of the comments above.

It has been almost 4 years since these issues have been raised, and the Hubspot team has mentioned several times on this thread that they would look into it and reply back. 

Still no response.