Allow for conversion tracking with Meetings in HubSpot

It would great if the user could use their own URL redirect as a confirmation for signing up for a time in the meetings tool. This will aid in conversion tracking. As for now, a thank you message appears on the same page as a confirmation.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Currently, a new lead who books on our hubspot meeting links to schedule a demo doesn't leave any pre-meeting booking analytics data... all come from "sales-meeting".


Being able to see pre booking data and original source is integral to marketing, spend and sales.

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Given that many of us using meetings on landing pages as a way of engaging with potential customers/clients on our websites, it is dissapointing that there is no way to track the performance of meetings. 


In fact, it is a growing trend among marketing types to use some form of appointment booking in their customer acquisition funnel. 


I believe Hubspot has a well designed solution that is engaging and intuitive, but it is lacking in regards to measuring and managing its effectivness. 


For example, it would be as simple as having the meetings embed redirect people to a dedicated thankyou page.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hi Team - this feature would indeed be a great way to help customers track different types of campaigns and ads, like Facebook for instance. It would be helpful to know what sources are generating meetings! Thank you Smiley Happy

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This would be a fantastic feature, it would allow me specifically to add tracking pixels to my landing page that I could redirect to instead of the generic one that is currently set. Beyond that, if I wanted to take a lead through a funnel per say it wouldn't end with the booking it could just push them off to another sales page. Thank you.

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I'm primarily interested in this as a means of tracking conversions. These are our most valuable prospects, and conversion tracking is super helpful in marketing to them effectively.

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+1 this is a very key feature and easy to implement on your end. Right now impossible to track people booking a demo when using the hubspot calendar, it's a huge issue imo

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What would be great is to be able to insert custom JS in the confirmation page, and not necessarily having a redirect.

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+ 1
This is one of our key goals for conversion of leads. A custom confirmation page would be a great quick solution.

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Agree - being able to track the hubspot meeting link (who clicked it) would be great. And also tagging that with the tracking url tool - to have different renditions of the link and track those - would be good.