Allow for conversion tracking with Meetings in HubSpot


It would great if the user could use their own URL redirect as a confirmation for signing up for a time in the meetings tool. This will aid in conversion tracking. As for now, a thank you message appears on the same page as a confirmation.

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I've found a workaround by reverse engineering Hubspot's embed script for now. It seems they are using postMessage api to trigger some events that can be listened for when embedding the meeting form with an iframe. Short snippet with explanation here:

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hi all! I'm thrilled to announce that conversion tracking in HubSpot for Meetings is now live! @thomas_workpath @tangiblee I'd strongly encourage you to file separate idea postings so we can track interest in the ability to embed custom code to the form submit action and custom thank you page to allow tracking in external systems, respectively. Thanks!


We're about to launch a campaign advertising in Adwords for people attending specific conferences, sending them to the landing page with a prompt to meet us and book a time on our calendar. We want to show a booked meeting as a conversion in Adwords but it won't be possible until tracking is enabled.


This is exactly what we also need! Please email me when this is implemented


Tracking conversions within HubSpot is great, BUT we also need to track our ad performance via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels, so we still need to redirect to a "thank you" page of sorts to track our advertising conversions.

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@hroberts we still need the ability to either redirect to a thank you page or customize the confirmation page by embeddeding JS or other text.




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Just so I get an idea of an available workarounds that people use? 


Is it possible that the user lands on meeting booking form and upon confirmation gets redirected to an company's owned Thank You page where tags are possible.  How do I create this re-direct?




Delivered ? Is it ?

Would be good to be able to choose a redirection page after the user submit the form, exactly like in the hubspot form.


This is getting really annoying to not be able to track our conversion...


Seems like such an obvious feature.  We track conversions everywhere not just in HS...




Finally after spending couple of hours and thanks to the post from thomas_workpath, we figured out on adding conversion tracking code until Hubspot adds the TYP redirection- 


 You can create a new tag in GTM with 'Custom HTML' tag type, copy paste the below code snippet and set the trigger to fire at page view on all the pages where Hubspot meeting iframe is embeeded -

<script type="text/javascript">
window.addEventListener('message', function receiveMessage(e) {
  if (e.origin.match(/YOURDOMAIN\.com/)) {
    if ( && {
      if ( == true) {
        try {
         // YOUR CONVERSION TRACKING CODE HERE LIKE __adroll.record_user({"adroll_segments": "XXXXX"});
        } catch (err) {}
}, false);



FOR over 1 YEAR, this is requested and not solved.  A redirect is SO easy... A setting in the meetings tool to redirect would be super easy.  Or simply a feild to place the conversion code that can be injected after the meeting is booked.  any one of your devs could bang this out in under an hour.




I vehemently support this idea. We desperately need the ability to redirect to a thank you page after meeting submission or a way install a Facebook Pixel in meeting settings. Can someone tell us whether it's on the roadmap?

This is such a simple, obvious and important request, I urge you to escalate it.

Thank you!


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This is pretty frustrating that Hubspot is not currently planning this update. It seems like it would be sooooo easy to add a redirect to a meeting submission and this is a huge conversion metric that cannot currently be tracked. I don't get it. 



Are you guys ignoring the community here? It has been mentioned so many times: We really, really need to be able to track conversions of meetings, and adding a redirect option should be super easy and quick. Waiting for over one year??? Really frustrating

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