Allow for chatflows to route conversations to different inboxes

At the moment, chatflows are tied to a specific inbox. This means that if I want to use one chatflow to route the conversation to a different team (e.g. Support/Sales), all the members of both teams need to be in one inbox, which can be messy.


This also means if a conversation is moved into Unassigned, it could belong to either team, so users have to look through each one to see which is relevant to them to pick those up again. 


Permissions-wise as well, some information handled by one of the teams should not be seen by another team either.


The value of using one chatflow instead of two (for two separate inboxes) is that we can place both on one page (our homepage, for example), and visitors can quickly speak with who they want to speak with without having to hunt down the correct chatflow on the correct page first.

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