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Allow for admins to set threshold for export notifications

As a super admin user of HubSpot, I would like to be able to set the threshold for which super admins get notifications about large exports from the system.


Based on information provided by HubSpot support, the current threshold on any object is 275k records. There is no way to set a custom limit.


This means that anyone with less than 275k records of any one type (contacts/deals/companies/etc) are at risk for their entire dabase to be downloaded without their knowledge. This is a massive security gap.

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Just curious - would a functionality like this be required for imports as well? We are working within our team to set a threshold of 4K for imports and potentially notifying the superadmin when the threshold is crossed. Also working on notifying the Trust and Safety operations team when this action is performed to ensure there is no malicious intent behind these user behaviors.


I would like this ability as well.  Even the ability to be generically alerted (ideally via Webhook or Slack) for any export event would be great. We heavily restrict the export functionality, but having visibility in to who (and from where, when, etc.) is exporting data from Hubspot in bulk is something very much needed for security teams. We'd feel a bit better about users having this ability if we could monitor when it was happening. 


Agree, big security gap here. Most important is to protect personal data and be notified quickly should a user be exporting bulk data unnessarily or for malicious intent.