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Allow for Open-Ended Meetings Booking, longer than rolling 11 weeks

We book meetings with clients out months in advance, and the 11-week rolling window is just too short. It would be a huge help if we had an open-ended meetings calendar option. We use the Meetings tool so that clients get reminder emails, but we actually still book the meetings ourselves on the back-end, so we aren't worried about clients choosing meeting times or dates too far out. We want to make sure that we can book those meetings though. For example, today we just scheduled a meeting on December 22, but we can't choose that date on the Meetings Tool. Until that functionality is expanded, the meetings tool is essentially useless because it doesn't let us book out far enough.

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It is the section that ways  "When a meeting can be scheduled" HubSpot currently only allows the minimum to be "This and next week"

We would love it if the rolling time frame was completely customizable and you could select a number (1-24) and specify the units (hours, days, weeks)

We use a 2 day maximum because when our customers book further out we see show up rate drop drasticly.

We could manually select the next two days but the challenge with that is we do a rolling 2 days so then we would have to change it every day to the next two days.

This literally costs us thousnads of dollars since we have to use an external software and piece it together with Zapier. (not to mention all the headaches with tracking and atribution)


This is a great suggestion hkfreem. It would be great to enable prospective meeting participants to book a meeting in my calednar more than 11 weeks into the future. Hopefully this functionality will be implemented soon!


I would prefer to use the Meetings function in Hubspot to book/schedule meeting with clients and prospects but right now it only allows someone the ability to pick a time slot 10 weeks out or 11 weeks in a custom range.


Because of this I have to use Microsoft Bookings because this will allow a client or prospect the ability to book a meeting, webinar, or other event with me a year or more in advance.


This needs to be changed in Hubspot to allow the same flexibility (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE).


The IDEA is to remove the time limits and let the user define how far in advance someone can schedule a meeting/appoitment (SIMPLE).


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Yes, please allow for more flexibility surrounding these dates.  Thank you!


Completely agree with you! 


Our customers are so busy that 11 weeks simply won't help.


For the Meeting feature to be valuable, it'd need to be unlimited (or at be able to book for 6 month) 




plus 1, open ended calendar is a must! 


Agree, should have an option for unlimited (or customized) rolling past the 11 weeks.


Ran into this problem just now with the limitation.  I will go back to use calendly.  


We should have an option for unlimited (or customized) rolling past the 11 weeks.🤔

Yeah, I've stayed with Calendly too. There are a couple other missing
features that I'd like to have. It's just frustrating to pay for yet
another service.

Completely agree. Came here to find a solution as we are now experiencing that our meetings bookers are struggling to book meetings over the summer to build pipeline for the fall. We have a lot of automation built around the meeting links, but this means we will have to book meetings manually instead in Outlook. Waste of time and efficiency, as well as much statistics that we will be missing. Just not good enough.

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I came across this other idea posted on the community, Need the ability to schedule a meeting more than 11 weeks out in advance, which currently has 44 upvotes. To anyone who has upvoted here, it may also be worth upvoting that post to increase visibility. 🙂