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Allow for Microsoft Teams integration with the Meetings tool and scheduling in the CRM

Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to already be Microsoft Teams invites. I know this is possible since Hubspot does exactly this within their own organization, except with Zoom.


It would really make a big difference to us if this were possible.


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When you scheudle a meeting through hubspot it should be integrated with Microsoft Teams in a way that it creates the invite with the conference link. Currently you have to send another invite with the link.


We were considering purchasing HubSpot and this integration threw a wrench in the whole deal. With COVID 19 we are all having to work remote and we use Microsoft Teams (along with 75 million users) because it's part of our corporate suite. Not having this integration is detrimental to a seamless & delightful experience with our clients.


Part of the "magic" with HubSpot is that something like this doesn't happen. I was even more surprised to see that both the Google and Zoom integrations have been done.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi All 


Thanks for your patience, and continued interest in HubSpots MicroSoft Teams integration. 

We know this has been very slow moving and we apologize for the ongoing delay in getting this integration to you. 

We have continued to run into a number of bugs and process issues that have caused significant delay on our progress working with MicroSoft to bring this integration to you. 

We are still working through some of these issues with MicroSoft, and will keep you updated on our progress here. 


Thanks you



Hi Patrice, its simply unacceptable that HubSpot, being a software company and "a leader in CRM field, has taken this long to launch what is such a critical integration, regardless of covid-19.   All your competitors have had this native integration for many years.   Either your development team need serious changeover or need upskilling, Hubspot are not being honest with its commercial issues with Microsoft, or HubSpot just don't care just care enough.  If its a software development issue, going by HubSpots development track record of late, it maybe better of engaing 3rd parties help who have experience with developming software in an "agile" approach to help build the integration in 15-30 days at best, not 2+ years or longer... seriously. 


ps. this is not directed to you, but hopefully it its a reflection point for your development team who should be offering Hubspot and users better support. 




I want this integrations aswell. I there some kind of way I can join the beta testing programm?

I would make my life much easier 🙂


Love to hear it. 




Hi Patrice. 

We, Hubspot users, are always very supportive and understanding, but bear in mind that in march 2022 is going to be THREE years since we've been requesting this integration. Also, we are talking about an integration with Microsoft, not a Startup nobody knows. It's really hard to understand the lack of execution on this feature.  


This is getting ridiculous the amount of time this is taking, I could have gone out, learnt how to build an integration myself, built it, QAd it, released a beta, got feedback and then released a completed product in half the time.

Microsoft is a massive company and integration with the teams meetings is available on many competitor platforms, this integration is vital especially at the moment when many businesses are relying on remote working.

It feels like maybe Hubspot have a deal with Zoom to stop people using Microsoft teams and keeping them on zoom or using Calendly both of which are not ideal for our needs.

Please prioritise this above other dev work or you may begin to see customers looking at alternative platforms.


Instead of asking what the status is, I will just give my own status.  This is quickly becoming a showstopper for us.  We will be replacing Hubspot by end of Q1 '22 if this is not generally available by then.  Considering the growth our company is expecting next year, I had budgeted for double the number of seats we currently have.  I would rather not deal with a migration but I will if this is not available.

Same here!



we need this...


Look forward to update as it has been more than a month it seems!


Any status update on this integration? Radio silence silence last message regarding delays. 🙂


Also wondering why this takes so long time, and why HubSpot is so silent. We onboarded HubSpot summer 2021, and was promised this functionality to come very soon. @poconnell  - please update us all!


647 upvotes. Years are passing on a much needed integration. Many many more of your customers need this as well due to covid pandemic.  


@poconnell  - We need an update as promised by Hubspot, it's getting to be too late.


Should we be counting down in years or simply give up?


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"We have continued to run into a number of bugs and process issues that have caused a significant delay on our progress working with Microsoft to bring this integration to you. "

@hubspot  Do you need to borrow a few devs?  In beta for over 2 years?  $882 million in revenue in 2021 and you are blaming this delay on are just patronizing us now.


We are not using this feature, because the Teams integration is missing. That is really sad, since we expected to be able to use it.


I understand that it's hard to build certain features, but please keep us (the stakeholders) updated, especially when there is such an interest in a particular feature. 


Thank you


Not sure if @yamini is the CEO or if @Brian is cofounder or if @dharmesh is the CTO but you need to know how much your users are upset by this issue, the lack of progress and the lack of communications.  If anyone else has their DM details, I suggest you add them to this thread.



We have a similar issue. The Gmail Calendar plug in to Hubspot does not pick up meeting invites sent to us from clients using Microsoft Teams when the sender is the only contact record on the meeting. If another contact record is included as an attendee to the meeting, the activity is logged in Hubspot against the attendee contact instead of the contact that sent the invite.


In many cases the sender is the lead contact on a deal and no other contacts are invited, so the ativity does not get logged automatically. We then have to create a manual meeting in hubspot to log the activity. This is leaving a big gap in our logged activity as our users (including myself) would have expected the meetings to get picked up automatically. This is why we activated a plugin. 


Over 18 pages of people asking and still no progres...


big yikes


I'm usualy not the one for tinfoil hat theories but this one starting to grow on me  "It feels like maybe Hubspot have a deal with Zoom to stop people using Microsoft teams and keeping them on zoom or using Calendly both of which are not ideal for our needs." 

And given hubspot profit  "$882 million in revenue in 2021" we can only wonder why one integration takes 3 years.

I enjoy using hubspot but this is just plain lazyness at this point.