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Allow for Microsoft Teams integration with the Meetings tool and scheduling in the CRM

Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to already be Microsoft Teams invites. I know this is possible since Hubspot does exactly this within their own organization, except with Zoom.


It would really make a big difference to us if this were possible.


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When you scheudle a meeting through hubspot it should be integrated with Microsoft Teams in a way that it creates the invite with the conference link. Currently you have to send another invite with the link.


We were considering purchasing HubSpot and this integration threw a wrench in the whole deal. With COVID 19 we are all having to work remote and we use Microsoft Teams (along with 75 million users) because it's part of our corporate suite. Not having this integration is detrimental to a seamless & delightful experience with our clients.


Part of the "magic" with HubSpot is that something like this doesn't happen. I was even more surprised to see that both the Google and Zoom integrations have been done.

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This integration is really needed.  

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Just give us an update here, please. If the answer is that it's not going to happen, we want to know that.


This isn't very "HubSpot way" or inbound style... Are HubSpot not taking their own medicine?


HubSpot clearly do not respect the time, effort, ideas, suggestions, of any of Hubspot users, Hubspots community - as they say, silence is a killer.  Really poor reflection especially when it relies on the community's ideas to help make its products better.  Either HubSpot are in conflict with Microsoft, Zoom, or both, or really couldn't care less.  We hope we're wrong and can give Hubspot the benefit of the doubt to deliver on its promise by "making marketing easier" for all Hubspot users 🙂


@poconnell update please


Seriously!  Can we get an update on this?  


"HubSpot s*ukc*" in a post on Twitter & Linkedin?


Any updates?




Got excited by the notification from @MBrown7 If I am receiving so many notifications by email (probably like all of you) how come the hubspot people in charge of this implementation not giving us an update. @poconnell I think you've read this before, but we can't wait for this integration but more importantly can't wait for an UPDATE.


how hard can it be to give an update? 


We will not be renewing next year if this is not available. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi All 


Apologies for the lack of update since last month. 

We are still a few weeks away from releasing this integration. 

We know that progress with this integration has been slow, and appreciate your frustration. 

We are doing our best to bring this to you as soon as possible.





Is there a chance to join the BETA program?
Best, Andrea


Commenting on this to get notifications. 


Hi HubSpot,

We're also waiting since the beginning of the year and we're hearing this being postponed month after month. How about releasing the Meetings-Links integration first beofre going into workflow integration and the other great ideas?

Of course, I don't see the code to integrate it and don't know which way is easier/faster, but maybe giving Sales the integration first, would probably already meet a lot of demand. 


@MJay thats an great idea, just give us the Meetings-Links integration. @poconnell  what are your latest news? 


I see this as a step process. Giving us at least automatic teams meetings integration
would be very welcome.
+1 for adding meetings-links.


We absolutely need this! We have been waiting a long time. Please update us on the development. Our entire organization runs on Teams for calls, web conferences, chats etc. We currently can not log directly from HubSpot and it is VERY frustrating to the point that the LT wants to ditch HS.


Each booking completed now comes with risks without this crucial integration, including;

-Although it is just a toggle in the event invite, will every representative manually switch that teams toggle (absolutely not)

-Does the prospect understand what is happening (rarely, with back and forth explaining before the call)
-Does the prospect trust our company (very unsure, as a software provider)

-Will prospects in turn have a decreased likelihood of showing up to the initial CTA-driven meeting in the first place? (yes)

-Does this tool become more of a detriment to growth (possibly)

It begs the question, would Hubspot rather work on something that improves customer experience or improves revenue from new sources?


As a short-term solution we would like to enter in the automated emails just a "callto:{YourEmail}" link. Sadly at this point, all text-placed hyperlinks automatically get an http(s):// in front of it. If there would be a function like in emails to select what kind of link this should be and use their email to or call to as a reference, this could help temporarily.


But anyhow, looking forward to the beta and proper integration...


Thanks and cheers