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Allow for Microsoft Teams integration with the Meetings tool and scheduling in the CRM

Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to already be Microsoft Teams invites. I know this is possible since Hubspot does exactly this within their own organization, except with Zoom.


It would really make a big difference to us if this were possible.


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When you scheudle a meeting through hubspot it should be integrated with Microsoft Teams in a way that it creates the invite with the conference link. Currently you have to send another invite with the link.


We were considering purchasing HubSpot and this integration threw a wrench in the whole deal. With COVID 19 we are all having to work remote and we use Microsoft Teams (along with 75 million users) because it's part of our corporate suite. Not having this integration is detrimental to a seamless & delightful experience with our clients.


Part of the "magic" with HubSpot is that something like this doesn't happen. I was even more surprised to see that both the Google and Zoom integrations have been done.

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What is happening here Hubspot? Total fail incoming? Waiting for over a year - since you were "testing" it. I suggest you hire someone to do the job. seriously annoying.


Looks like we are getting closer. Great news!!


Defintlely a must-have! I'm new to meetings and have been caught out more than once that it doesn't add a meeting link for Teams. 


Looking forward to this being launched!


Any more updates on this folks?  This could become a showstopper for us pretty quickly.  I would have never guessed that Hubspot would provide support for UberConference before something as mainstream as Teams.  Really looking forward to seeing this become available soon.


Hi there, is there an update on this one, perhaps there is a new thread?

Many thanks for your reply.

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We certainly also need this. It is for our clients a Deal breaker. Most of us in Denmark are using Teams - not Zoom.



We are waiting for that functionality to be integrated, any info on the date launch?




@poconnell do you happen to have an update on the product integration with HubSpot Meetings and Microsoft Teams meeting? Could you provide an ETA on the release? Thanks!


This is getting out of control.   With 15 pages of people asking for this, why is this feedback being ignored @glencornell ?  This was supposed to go to Beta in 2020 and still no real significant updates.  Heck I would buid it ourselves if there was basic guidance somewhere.  This is a show stopper for us in the next 6 month.  Probably won't renew without it.


we just use Calendy Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software - Calendly

It does exactly what is being asked for here with a seamless and easy to set up integration with hubspot. Creates a meeting inside the contact page and can automatically create meetings for zoom and teams plus a whole lot of other programs. 


@regan adding yet another 3rd party dependency is not a real solution for must when they already super Zoom.  It should be straight forward to add Teams.  Even with Microsoft's ridiculous integration testing. It created additional potential points of failure that are unnecessary and adds an additional bill to our monthly expenses.  I do applaude you though for getting creative to get around this lack of integration.  👍


Hi @poconnell ,


Any progress in this integration? Is it possible to add us to the beta version? This would significantly boost our sales adoption of the HubSpot.





Really waiting on this integration here guys, it's been far too long and the radio silence is also quite annoying. 

How long is the beta going to last? Can we quickly and freely participate? When is the planned full release date? 


Please, we need some intel here. 

What’s more disappointing than the lack of integration here is the abysmal client service for organisations paying tens of thousands to you. Can we please get a thorough, honest update on where this is at?

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Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.
Everyone reading this should respond so they are bombarded with comments. It’s been long enough.

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@poconnell could you please get us an update? We just need some info, give us it even if its not what we hope for. 


Thank you

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Yes!  100% agree.  Keeping us informed on the progress is the least that can be done.  Hubspot promotes frictionless sales but how about frictionless communications.   We shouldn't have to ask and wait years for updates.  It's 2021 - pandemic kind of made MS Teaam popular and a necessity for selling.  Are we going to be integrated soon or not?


almost a year and 15 pages later and we still don't have this....


Please release this and we can stop paying for Zoom and move across to Teams