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Allow for Microsoft Teams integration with the Meetings tool and scheduling in the CRM

Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to already be Microsoft Teams invites. I know this is possible since Hubspot does exactly this within their own organization, except with Zoom.


It would really make a big difference to us if this were possible.


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When you scheudle a meeting through hubspot it should be integrated with Microsoft Teams in a way that it creates the invite with the conference link. Currently you have to send another invite with the link.


We were considering purchasing HubSpot and this integration threw a wrench in the whole deal. With COVID 19 we are all having to work remote and we use Microsoft Teams (along with 75 million users) because it's part of our corporate suite. Not having this integration is detrimental to a seamless & delightful experience with our clients.


Part of the "magic" with HubSpot is that something like this doesn't happen. I was even more surprised to see that both the Google and Zoom integrations have been done.

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@glencornell Any chance this will be added in Q1 2021?


I would love to be a Beta tester. I was planning on using meeting scheduler, but find I cannot as there is no Teams meeting integration.


We are also very eager to be able to provide Meetings with a Teams link. Please keep me in the loop - and I would be happy to beta test.



Is it possible to please get added to the beta?

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Hi @poconnell , we have an sales hub enterprise customer who would also be very interested in joining the beta tester in q1/2021.




Please add me to the list as saying this is "a must have". I'd love to volunteer for beta. Thank you.


Would also love to be part of the next round of beta testers!  It's been huge frustration since starting to use HubSpot


Hi @poconnell , if you need another beta tester, i'm happy to do so. The sooner this feature is out of beta, the better

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Please upvote. Really relevant as most of our customers (including ourselves) use Teams instead of Zoom.

Thanks for ranking this up the list of priorities!

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Definitely a must-feature., would love to be a beta user


I We also only work with teams and I was honestly a little surprised when setting up my meetings that this wasn't integrated yet. Is it still possible to participate in the beta program?


For everyone struggling with this still... We've ended up getting a Zoom account (~$150 / year) to solve this problem. Integrates seemlessly with HubSpot. Teams is a huge pain in the butt as it is. 


@poconnell It's been a month since the last update on this feature and a lot of comments.  Any news on beta progress?  Should we be abandoning hope, finding bandaids or waiting for a solution imminently?


New to Hubspot and had the same issue. Has anyone tried to embed a static meetings link into the invite body config (Subject line, meeting location and body?) 


Tried this today and the invite Subject and body came over fine and had the team's details.


I created a daily recurring meeting invite for myself and another person to generate the meeting link. I used this information to set up the meetings configuration Location, Subject and body section.

the invite did work,


Negatives of this static link option

1) Anyone with the link can now hop into a call since the link is always the same

2) Could not add rich text in HubSpot setup for invite body. Hence had to paste the long URL instead. Invite body not look clean, but has the needed information and is functional.


Appreciate any other workarounds that get the goal accomplished


Hi @Venkat ,


Please also be aware that anything shared in the chat or any file thats shared during the meeting is available to all attendees that ever joined your meeting if you do it this way.


I experienced it the other way around where I was able to see the response / discussion in the chat on a meeting they had with a competitor 😀. Stumpled upon it after wanting to review what we shared during the chat.

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Need this


Interested in the beta too!


This is a vital piece of developement for us too. 


I would like to be added to Beta as well please. 


Hello everyone  - where can I sign up as a beta user? Thanks in advance. 


Also intersted in this and would be willing to Beta test as well!  This is the piece of development that will either allow me to turn HubSpot into a full CRM tool in our company or leave it as a tool that only marketing uses.