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Allow for Microsoft Teams integration with the Meetings tool and scheduling in the CRM

Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to already be Microsoft Teams invites. I know this is possible since Hubspot does exactly this within their own organization, except with Zoom.


It would really make a big difference to us if this were possible.


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When you scheudle a meeting through hubspot it should be integrated with Microsoft Teams in a way that it creates the invite with the conference link. Currently you have to send another invite with the link.


We were considering purchasing HubSpot and this integration threw a wrench in the whole deal. With COVID 19 we are all having to work remote and we use Microsoft Teams (along with 75 million users) because it's part of our corporate suite. Not having this integration is detrimental to a seamless & delightful experience with our clients.


Part of the "magic" with HubSpot is that something like this doesn't happen. I was even more surprised to see that both the Google and Zoom integrations have been done.


Please make this a priority. 


Please prioritize this request -- many of us are using Microsoft Teams and the lack of this functionality provides for a less-than-ideal end user experience. Thanks!

This is the most logical enhancement to the Meetings tool. Please make this a priority, we'd love to use it!!
This is so important for our whole organisation. It's great to be able to set up a meeting automatically with a prospect, but if we always have to go into our calendar and send Microsoft Teams video invites - that's a poor use of time. Surely this can be moved up the pile of development upgrades Hubspot!
With 75 million Teams users, it's probably time for HubSpot to get this done.

Indeed would be great to have this feature!


We would also like to book meetings thru MS Teams. Since it's on the back burner, it is possible for us to hire a developer to create the integration for us? 


Hi everyone. I think I might have a workaround for this, as follows:


First of all create a teams meeting invite in the usual way (for me, I create a meeting in my outlook calendar, and then use the teams button to convert it to a teams meeting). This creates a team hyperlink below "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" in blue underlined text.

Then right click on this hyperlink and click copy hyperlink.


You can then cut and paste this hyperlink into the 'invite description' within Hubspot and because it is a normal hyperlink it is recognised as such within the meeting invite, and can be clicked on to access the teams meeting, just like the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" button normally does.

The hyperlink is quite long and ugly however. So another thing you can do to improve on this is to go to, where you can cut and paste the overly long offending hyperlink above into tinyurl and it will generate a permanent and much smaller ("tiny") URL that does the same job as the much longer one!


There may be a small downside to this: normally every teams meeting you create has a unique address to avoid the potential for people from your next meeting accidentally joining a previous and overrunning meeting that is nothing to do with them. Using the above methods means all your meetings will have the same teams address. But if you have the feature switched on where you have to manually admit people into your teams meeting from the lobby, then the potential for people to join the wrong (overrunning) meeting should be limited.


We're just in the process of implementation and I'm really disappointed to hear this isn't a priority feature. We are heavily dependent upon Teams in our organization and I was really expecting to see a better level of integration with such a commonly used product.


Great idea! Please do this Hubspot!


To add more detail to the workaround that @GarethMurphy mentioned. Then to get a permanent URL for MS Teams you can create a 2h meeting (in case most of your meetings are 30 min or 1h... so you will be covered) in a future date, mine is set up December 31st, 2030. So this URL won't expire within the next 10 years. I have already tried and it´s working great !!


Hey guys,


I was already generating and adding the Microsft Teams meeting link manually and it is a good workaround, but we really need to have it automated. Please Hubspot Team, put it in your backlog and release it for us, would be amazing to have it!


Yo, HubSpot. Would be a whole lot cooler if you you promoted this request to Currently Planned.


This is must. It is USP of Hubspot to have meeting link as part of CRM. No other CRMs have it. Salesforce doesnt have it.

And teams/Office 365 is most popular meeting software and will continue to be popular


Hubspot delaying this critical feature is just harasshing its own customers


Do a stat, how many of your currents users use office 365 for calendar sync and decide the priority of this issue!



This really needs to be more of a priority feature, especially for the sake of larger enterprise users who are more likely to be tied to Teams for conferencing. We certainly are, and this not being a feature makes it difficult to use more of Hubspot's capabilities. 


I need this as well


Hubspot team - what do you need to prioritize this ? More people voting or complaining ? Just trying to understand the decision process to not work on this or even plan it 


I think it is irresponsible to have this integration as "Not Planned". In today's environment, of havign to work from home. The ONLY way for me to talk to customers is via phone and video. Zoom is not allowed to be used by the majority of my customers because of their security issue. Microsoft Teams is quickly becmong more and more popular. Our organization has moved to Microsoft Teams. I'm surprised an integration does not already exist given the level of integration currently available between Hubspot and Office 365. 


It is obvious that the community of Hubspot users feels the same way.


I am also 100% behind this. We use Calendly with Zoom but this is such a pain and it would make life tonnes easier if also an option in Hubspot meeting setup.


Please prioritize this roadmap request! This feature would be incredible helpful for our company as we transition away from Zoom in favor of Teams, and it would provide a better customer experience.