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Allow flexibility in creating campaign tracking URLs with UTMs

Hey there,


Currently there's no easy way to use the internal campaign URL tracking tool and have control over the utm_campaign parameter. This parameter takes the name of the actual campaign and if this is a human readable name (for reporting purposes) it generates non ideal URL (with char encoding for spaces or other special characters).


We should have the flexibility to name campaigns in a human readable way (i.e., Ongoing Outreach Campaign 2021 - ooo2021), while also being able to add a campaign code that would not break the tracking URL (utm_campaign=ooo2021).


Also, as others have mentioned in different threads, we should have the ability to edit and save existing tracking URLs to fix typos and other minor changes (even though we can create new ones).


Also, please make https:// the default URL protocol, it's 2021. 🙂


Thank you!

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totally agree.

And make the list of campaigns exportable so it is easier to manage the data and links.