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Allow file upload during ticket creation

When creating the support ticket, the Upload File property does not allow uploading a file from PC. I would like to request that this feature be added. 


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Any updates on this?

I have the same need, also there is some missleading options on this. I am able to create the property but when im trying to add the custom field to my Ticket form im not able to, since the field is not supported. This should not be a option since its not working. So please fix this.


We have the same need. Has there been any progress on this?
I also tried to create a custom property with the Feild Type as file, but it just ends up putting in a text field.




This function would significantly reduce the time it takes our team to request new pricing from our ops team. They would have opted for the service hub if it had this ability. Without it, and the attachments section having no way of sorting or organizing, they have decided not to use HubSpot for this process - which I know would have been ideal for this type of process... I know this is possible through forms but why can't it be possible internally within a deal??


This would be very helpful. Our team would love to add screenshots to bugs and other issues we keep track of with tickets! 

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+1 Agree. 


+1 This seems to be a no-brainer to get fixed.


I was looking also into making a File Upload a required information to be done when moving from one Ticket Status to another. But right now the File Upload is just a box to input text.