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Allow file redirects

When I have an old file in Marketing > Files and Templates > Files, I want to be able to set up a redirect from that old file to a new one (whether it lives in Hubspot, or elsewhere).


I love that I can easily replace a file, but we have some old files that we had migrated over, and I want to be able to redirect them to the new file (without having to go through and replace each of the old files' contents.)


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I second your idea @jakespirek. Such functionality would be extremely useful!


I agree with @jakespirek. This functionality would be very useful for my orgainization as well. 

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Is there any way we can make redirecting of files work? For example, if I were to move or migrate my portal, how else would I be able to get the old file content to appear in the new portal? I can think of many reasons why we require this file redirect tool. Hope we can have a look at this.

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Totally agree that we need this.


But the redirect needs to allow redirecting to anything (not just another file).


For examples, we have a PDF that has been indexed in Google. We've since turned the PDF into a pillar page.

Now we just want to redirect the PDF to the pillar page.



Absolutely need something similar to this, but like @CraigBailey said...redirect from a PDF to a new page.


Totally need this function. We are losing out on great SEO opportunities.


yes please i need to redirect a pdf to my home


Absolutely need this. Being able to redirect a file URL into a specific URL would be a lifesaver.


After migrating onto the HubSpot CMS with our new website, my company no longer is able to redirect a PDF to a URL that is on HUNDREDS of external documents. Causing a major headache without the ability to apply a redirect the URL to a legacy File.


I'm going to hop in here. Since apparently, this is one of the many items that HubSpot Support prefers to push off and just say "maybe if you back this idea in the forum, someone, somewhere, at some unforeseeable time may, just, in fact, listen and do something about it."


Now that you can no longer replace video files attached to a link, you best hope your video is perfect before you distribute a link. There is no way to update the video and keep the integrity of the original link. 


HubSpot, please address this. Preferably in this century. 




Someone who is grumpy today and apologizes for his negative attitude (It's not all HubSpot's fault). 


Yes please allow this redirect files function! I have a few files that are broken links since we migrated our website to Hubspot and need to redirect them as the urls were used in sales email outreaches to prosepcts. Now those prospects are getting directed to a dead url. These are hubspot urls that I'm trying to redirect.


This is a huge problem for us too. This is one of those instances where trying to impliment good technical SEO on Hubspopt COS/CMS is impossible. We discovered two different URL structures, one that ranks and one that doesn't for hundreds of links to files we use in <iframes> on our site. Obvisouly we want to use the link structure that ranks. We have been able to get all the relevant files posted and ranking with good SEO URL structure but now we're stuck with 200 redundant and non-ranking URLs knit into hundreds of our pages and we want to 301 redirect those links to their corresponding ranking link so google doesn't get confused and ding us for the higher count and redundant content. On a 2001 website this would take two minutes to redirect but on hubspot's website hosting its a total teardown, post new files and go page by page and replace links not to mention losing al the back links etc. In a simmilar gripe you can noindex files not folders. There is no option to  "no index, no follow" files in the /hubfs/ errrr! 


I agree with @jakespirek. We need to remove a number of PDFs on our site and the fact that we can only remove indexing on Google, but not redirect the PDF URLs is a problem for us. Lots of 404s from other locations.