Allow extra properties to be captured from Eventbrite integration



The current Eventbrite integration only pulls across standard data, e.g. name, email, company, event etc. Like many if not most other marketers, we ask additional custom questions when people register, e.g. 'Which course are you interested in studying?', 'Which year are you looking to start your degree course?' and 'Are you a prospective student, parent or teacher?' etc.


Whilst we may be able to pull this extra data across via Zapier, it would be better (more immediate, secure, reliable and cheaper, as we currently only use Zapier in a limited and so free capacity) if we could achieve this directly in HubSpot for use in follow-on campaigns and workflows.


This isn't exactly a new idea - similar suggesitons have been made here and here. I just wanted to make it as simple as possible (and explain the relevance / benefit in our case, as a higher education college).

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This would be incredibly helpful for my team! Our Zapier HubspotxEventbrite integration is having issues currently and having the ability to pull over the custom event questions we ask in Eventbrite naturally into Hubspot would be HUGE as we use the answers to these questions in lead scoring, etc, and are currently uploading answers via CSV. 


We definitely need this feature! Only the Home Address can be brought to HubSpot with the current integration... We're B2B, so obviously we use Work Address. If we don't know their work address, we can't route leads to the correct sales people.


 Would be very helpful for us to pull in Custom Questions.  As a workaroudn we are using Zappier but that has it's own complications.


Hi @meharrington, can I ask how did you manage using Zapier? Did you de-activate the Eventbrite/Mailchimp integration and do everything with Zapier integration, or did you use both?


@pietromantovani we did everything with Zappier. Eventbrite integration is still setup but we don’t have any event set to sync.


Here is our Zap:

1. New Attendee Registered in Eventbrite (all events)

2. Only continue if... (we filter out some events i don't want to bring over)

3. Run Python (we pull some fields out and do some changes to they match the fields we need in Hubspot)
4. Create Form Submission in HubSpot (we simulate a form fill in hubspot)


Thank you very much @meharrington 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi! We're looking to learn more about the properties you'd like to see syncing from Eventbrite into HubSpot. If you have a few minutes would you mind sharing a bit more about your individual use cases in this form here . Thanks so much for your time!


I agree! I would also like to see simple info such as city, state, and zipcode pulled over as well. 


It would be grate if we could map EventBrite fields to HubSpot participant categories. If this happend we could better automate our workflows in the same way we can with landing pages. 


Hey +1 here. We are looking to have more Eventbrite data such as ticket types, amounts, and custom fields added to our HubSpot contacts.

Currently the official HS eventbrite app only shows events as a whole and isn't very useful.