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Allow external social networks posts to be associated with a Campaign

The Hubspot tool for posting on social networks is not compliant with good community management practices. Unfortunately, by posting directly to social media, it is not possible to associate our posts to a Campaign.


It would be very useful.


Does anyone else feel the same?

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@Chhriis yes I feel the same.




@Chhriis 100% agree. Unfortunately, data and ROI ARE black and white, so if the campaign reporting tool only tells part of the story, it's inaccurate and thus completely useless.

Also, there's this idea to allow external website pages to be associated with campaigns as well - it's currently being reviewed by Hubspot. I don't know if your website is hosted externally, of if there are other external assets you'd like to include (blogs, landing pages, PR, etc.), but if that functionality is something you'd like to see, go give it an upvote. 😎


Yes!  We are looking for this too - it would give us such a better overall view.


@Chhriis I totally share that feeling 😞

Also the way hubspot allow users to create social media post such as LinkedIn ones, does not cover all key functionalities (post with pdf for example) we can find on social platform.

Which is one of the reason we still have to post first on linkedin, but that creates a feeling that we are punished doing this.


So our HubSpot dashboard is missing those posts 😞


I completely agree. We regularly post stuff on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter and tag other organisations/people, which you can't do through hubspot (other than mentioning them), it would be great to be able to associate external source-posts to campaigns. 


Yes, I agree.  Hubspot does not let you do so many things that are required for good social posting. Including, not letting you: tag people, add a location or post multiple photos in one instagram post. This is really limiting on the content that can be tracked for campaigns and therefore makes the campaign reporting redundant. If they don't offer these features they should offer an alternative such as this. 

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This would be great to have as we are forced to make certain types of posts directly in the meta platform due to functionality that is not currently available in HubSpot - being able to attribute these back to a campaign will aid with closing the loop on reporting in HS


I'm trying to consolidate all these ideas to one post so we're more likely to get it seen. I've been sending everyone to Upvote this one here:



This feature is crucial for campaign tracking! We schedule twitter threads through an external platform, as HS also does not provide these capabilties, and are not able to attribute their performance to campaigns