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Allow external pages to be associated with a Campaign

We use WordPress for our main site and we'd like to be able to associate WordPress pages to Campaigns. At the moment, we can only associate Blog or Landing pages hosted on Hubspot.


It seems strange that while we use the Hubspot tracking code, and we can add and monitor CTAs and CTA clicks on these pages, we cannot add them to a Campaign.


Does anyone else feel the same?



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Allow external pages to be associated with a CampaignÉquipe de développement de HubSpot

Migrated from HubSpot Ideas with 538 Votes.  Right now, the only way to track a post as part of an inbound campaign is to use the COS. But what about those of us who use WordPress? Please update the WP plugin to allow me to track posts as part of the campaign. Thanks!

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I agree!


I love all of the options HubSpot allows, but adding external URLs or WordPresspages to campaigns would be a game changer.

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Agreed. Definitely WordPress but of course any other CMS. And more than just CMS, there may be articles that appear on other websites, links and 3rd party assets that live outside the website/blog that should also be attributed to a campaign.

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Any news on this??

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This is a must for our organization. We have a global presence in our industry and have been well suited with HubSpot since 2015. Since we've grown however, we must upgrade our ability to track ROI through campaigns. Since many of our assets live around the web on various platforms (all with the Hubspot tracking code installed) we have to find a way to report on each of them as a cohesive strategy. Hubspot's campaign functionality doesn't permit this, and the inability to add assets not built in HubSpot to HubSpot campaigns is such a severe restriction that it's adding to pressure within our org to move off of HubSpot to a competitor with better reporting. This is a shame as Hubspot has been great in so many other ways.


Also, this community idea says it only has 85ish upvotes -- but it was migrated from another portal with 540+! So it has closer to 700 upvotes! That is a massive indicator of need going overlooked by the product dev team.