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Allow external pages to be associated with a Campaign

We use WordPress for our main site and we'd like to be able to associate WordPress pages to Campaigns. At the moment, we can only associate Blog or Landing pages hosted on Hubspot.


It seems strange that while we use the Hubspot tracking code, and we can add and monitor CTAs and CTA clicks on these pages, we cannot add them to a Campaign.


Does anyone else feel the same?



Status aktualisiert zu: In Beta
November 09, 2023 06:07 AM

Hi everyone, 

I'm very excited to announce that this feature is now in public beta
You can find all relevant information here and click 'join beta' (as a Marketing Hub Professional or Marketing Hub Enterprise user) to test it out. 
We are looking forward to your feedback. 

Jenny Mueller 

October 09, 2023 09:29 AM

Enrolling yourself into the beta will be available in the upcoming weeks. Once available, I will let you know accordingly. 
With best regards,

Jenny Mueller 

July 10, 2023 01:31 AM

Hi everyone, 


We are planning to release this feature in the upcoming weeks. 👍

Once available in beta, I will inform you accordingly.


Best regards,

Jenny Mueller 

Product Manager - Campaigns 

December 13, 2022 08:26 AM

Hi everyone, 


Thanks for your patience whilst we look into this.
As the team continues to work on the feature, we are interested in understanding expected behaviours when associating external (website) pages with a Campaign in HubSpot. If you want to help shape this feature and sign up to be part of the beta (once live), please fill in this 1-minute survey

Best regards

Jenny Mueller 

Status aktualisiert zu: In Planning
October 14, 2022 07:07 AM

Hi everyone,


My name is Jenny Mueller and I am the Product Manager of Campaigns, working in Shay's team. I will continue the conversation with you from here. 

I appreciate your feedback provided in the comments, and I'm pleased to let you know that our teams have started working on a solution for you. 


We will keep you posted with further details around expected timings and more. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesistate to contact me. 




May 25, 2020 01:39 AM

My bad, thanks for the heads up @mark-franken  and @matthewscheer, I had an accidential space at the end. This is the correct link:

Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
May 22, 2020 10:31 AM

Hi all, I wanted to share an update with you regarding the plan to introduce this feature. First off I can say that it's absolutely something we're aiming to bring to you, the caveat here is that the current campaigns app is not flexible enough to support reporting on this data which is what has meant to date this has never been possible even though it seems straightforward.


The good news here is that we have a team focused on removing these roadblocks so that we can enable reporting on external pages, along with far more native HubSpot assets and beyond. This work requires an almost total rearchitecture of the campaigns app, meaning I don't have a meaningful timeline to share with you right now but rest assured it is our primary focus. 


In the meantime I'd love to learn more about how you're currently using the Campaigns app and other places we could improve. If you have a little time I'd really appreciate if you could check out this survey and share your thoughts:


As I have more news specifically related to associating external pages with campaigns I'll be sure to share here.

April 12, 2017 12:22 PM

Migrated from HubSpot Ideas with 538 Votes.  Right now, the only way to track a post as part of an inbound campaign is to use the COS. But what about those of us who use WordPress? Please update the WP plugin to allow me to track posts as part of the campaign. Thanks!

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I absolutely suppport this idea!


How are we supposed to map the whole customer journey with HubSpot, if we cannot track the contacts on all relevant channels properly.


I hope thos new campaign tool will come very soon!


Can HubSpot provide an update on this, please?


It's proving to be a real issue for us not being able to link forms and external webpages.


Same... Can we please get an update. This has proven to be a real hassle for the past few years. I've completely moved away from HubSpot's landing page creator as it does not provide NEAR the functionality I need to create good landing pages.


Could we have an update on this, please? This is becoming a huge challenge for us.


We have exaclty ther same requirement. This seems like an obvious and essential developpment that HS need to take care of!


Planning on relaunching our site using wordpress and really need this functionality to effectively use our hubspot marketing suite


Are there any updates on this feature?


I would also be interested if there is at least an update on the time horizon of the feature. This possibility would help us a lot.


 I agree too with all thoses comments. We also use wordpress for our blog and we would love to associate some posts with a campaign as well as some other external pages. Please give us the possibility to do it with Hbubspot. 


Please add this feature of being able to track non-HS pages and link it to a campaign


@Shay loving seeing updates to the campaign tool starting to appear in my portal! Do you have an idea when we might see this...?


To add our unique user case as well - 


We often create unique campaigns for service offerings throughout the business. Because things change, our usual, top selling offerings can quickly drop. We're keen to record these in detail via the Campaign feature within HubSpot. 

As a minimum, we like to view how each external webpage is doing within the campaign feature (similar to how we would if we were viewing Analytics). This helps centralise the whole campaign to a unique landing page. 

Mitglied | Diamond Partner

This is a crucial feature, assuming HubSpot would lilke to win more companies that are selling to enterprise customers. Usually they won't go all in with HubSpot CMS so the fact that you can't add a website or wordpress page that is not hosted on HubSopt turns the campaign app unusable. 


Same as @KatrinaS here.


Would really love to see this introduced, it would give us a much more wholesome picture of marketing performance.


Has anyone found a workaround for the meantime?


@LMcGill kind of.


First off, we use heaps of tracking URLs. Anywhere we post a campaign landing page, it HAS to have a specific Tracking URL related to the campaign. 


Secondly, we set up a workflow where the enrollment criteria will be a form submission on the landing page URL. We then associate the workflow with the campaign.


It's not ideal, by any means, but has enabled us to attribute most traffic and the majority of contacts created to a campaign.


That said, as the majority of people posting have mentioned (including myself several times), the ability to add an external page to a campaign feels like such an important feature for the campaign's app when you consider how many customers don't have a Hubspot website.  


Due to the lack of campaign integration, I'm afraid my co has had to 'bite the bullet' and opt to move from wordpress to hubspot cms  - a cynic might suggests that was point. 


We would really benefit from this feature as, like most, we use WordPress and have quite a complex website and blog setup. The ability to include these external URLs would make life so much easier for many businesses using HubSpot and is one of the reasons we're reluctant to use the campaign tool as we know it won't be accurate. 


Nos pasa EXACTAMENTE lo mismo!!!! necesitamos asociar URLs de Wordpress a campañas en hubspot!

Teilnehmer/-in | Partner

This is a big 'must have' and I hope to see the ability to add external pages from WP and other platforms to specific campaigns very soon.