Allow external pages to be associated with a Campaign

We use WordPress for our main site and we'd like to be able to associate WordPress pages to Campaigns. At the moment, we can only associate Blog or Landing pages hosted on Hubspot.


It seems strange that while we use the Hubspot tracking code, and we can add and monitor CTAs and CTA clicks on these pages, we cannot add them to a Campaign.


Does anyone else feel the same?



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Allow external pages to be associated with a CampaignHubSpot Product Team

Migrated from HubSpot Ideas with 538 Votes.  Right now, the only way to track a post as part of an inbound campaign is to use the COS. But what about those of us who use WordPress? Please update the WP plugin to allow me to track posts as part of the campaign. Thanks!

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We also need this integration!!!!!! Hubspot, do you have any comments??? I have managed my landing pages inside of HS but they are so limited in design functionality. I've tried MANY templates and they just don't work as well as a Wordpress page. However, I really need to be able to track my landing pages in HS. PLEASE HELP!

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That's what I'm looking for.

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Its basic. Just like the SEO side of the tool. Just integrating a URL in will be such a low hanging fruit for the HS team! 

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Yes Please! It’s veey important to tie it all together, and forms that have been submitted showing as a stat would also be very good. 

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This feels pretty basic to me.  The HubSpot landing page builder is limited and difficult to use.  I am being "forced" to use an inadequate tool.  Why would HS do this?



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+1 We're not really using campaigns at the moment as the numbers are a bit meaningless without blog stats

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Yes please! I Agreed also. I will be help us more.


Thank you!

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+10000 - definitely a requirement. This should be pretty straightforward to implement.

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Yes please add this. This is something my real estate clients need as there listings pages are in WordPress and need to be searched for on WordPress. 

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Yes, We are also facing the same issue, Our blog is on Wordpress and Website built with HTML and PHP. We need to associate and track our external things on hubspot marketing campaigns. Since we are using it for so long we cant able to migrate it easily into hubspot. Need option to add external landing pages into campaigns