Allow external pages to be associated with a Campaign

We use WordPress for our main site and we'd like to be able to associate WordPress pages to Campaigns. At the moment, we can only associate Blog or Landing pages hosted on Hubspot.


It seems strange that while we use the Hubspot tracking code, and we can add and monitor CTAs and CTA clicks on these pages, we cannot add them to a Campaign.


Does anyone else feel the same?



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Agreed with the above.  I got excited that we might be able to finally tie all of our assets together with the campaign tool but unfortunately since our website is in Wordpress, we are unable to add our website pages to the campaign. Real bummer Smiley Sad 

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Are there any workarounds for this?

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Totally agree. Campaign Tracking is a joke when you can´t have the numbers for contacts 'first time touching campaign'. 

Did anyone this of a workaround on how to assign contacts to a hubspot campaign when the HubSpot form is on an external page?

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I also like the idea and hope the Dev Team at Hotspot will start to implement this feature. 

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Agree! We need to be able to track our Wordpress webpages in campaigns.

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I agree, not all of us are able to use Hubspot landing pages/website pages for our campaigns. As other users have suggested being able to associated forms with camapigns would solve this issues, as it would show the number of conversions on external pages.

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Exactly the same issue! Our landing pages and main website are hosted on WordPress and are a key part of our campaigns. (I only use Hubspot landing pages for workflows where I don't want them to be found in search and want to keep metrics together).


I'd like to have everything recorded on my campaigns, including my WordPress pages so I can see how the whole campaign is working together. Given you can use external URLs for CTAs I don't understand what the issue is.



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Agreed! We could also really use this feature.

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Our website is hosted on Shopify, and I would very much like to link certain landing pages to certain campaigns. We're doing a campaign that entirely originates out of print, and all users will be going to a specific landing page. Letting us connect this landing page to a campaign would allow us to easily track people first touch. This would make gathering data a lot simpler!



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This would seem to be a no brainer. Any timeline for wordpress blog + hubspot campaign functionality?