Allow excluding tracking for team & test contacts without static IPs.

We have several of our team members who of course have accounts in HubSpot.  We don't want them tracked so we list their IPs in Exclude field.  This is fine for most, but we have some who travel a lot and/or can't get anything but dynamic IPs.  For them, there's no way currently to prevent tracking and notifications when they visit our site(s), etc.


I've asked Support about this they confirmed there's no way to exclude team members or test users from being tracked currently.  This seems like a desirable feature to both minimize extraneous notifications as well as be sure only actual customers are being tracked.

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This is a great idea - if we could exclude our "teams' based on user emails and not have the data diluted, we would be able to truly get better metrics.


Our issue is not travel, but we have model homes where you can have an agent and customer on the same IP - I don't want to track the agent, but I do want to track the customer.