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Allow email type categories for logging an email activity or sending an email

We would like to be able to track different types of emails our sales team are sending in a dashboard.


When they send an email, it would be good to have a type they can choose, for example 'Meeting Follow-up Email'.


We want to see a dashboard of how many meetings they have each week (this is in place), and also how many meetings they have followed up by email (not currently possible).


Would be good to extend the categories for when you log an email activity.

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I agree. 


As a sales manager, it has been helpful to review the activity type categories for meetings and calls. However, with more and more business being done by email, it would provide huge value to see how specific email pitches are landing and converting sales.
An example of suggested use: an Executive Assistant of a Qualified Lead "A" requests we send an email summary of our service. We send the email introduction, but we cannot currently tag this email as a 'first contact' or a specific activity within our sales pipeline. 


With our reporting, it is increasingly important to review what % of our sales team's emails are related to each step e.g. first contact, relationship building, a proposal sent etc. For us to determine the average number of emails required to help each lead move to the next lead type OR assist us comparing and contrasting the success of proportion of email types of top salespeople with those who are struggling for additional training.
For example, top salesperson B has an email type ratio of:
30% first contact -> 30% relationship building -> 30% proposals sent -> 10% account management
A struggling salesperson has an email type ratio of:
10% first contact -> 50% relationship building -> 10% proposals sent -> 30% account management.
While we may have thought they were struggling due to a training issue, these metrics suggest the struggling salesperson may have high-maintenance customers who could easily be passed along to customer care so they can spend more time with cold emails/calls etc.
Either way, being able to assess on the email type would be incredibly diagnostic to determine account issues or salesperson behaviours. Thanks for submitting this idea.

I'd also love to hear other people's thoughts on this feature and/or any other ideas on how to best assess email activity, pipeline stage, and ROI.

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YES! We need this as well.