Allow email replies to be sent from within the portal

It's great you can send an email, but I can't see any good reason why you can't reply to a message from within the portal with all its tracking niceness. This is plain weird. 

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This is something we'd love to have too

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Yes and yes!


It makes the workflow uneccesarily complicated to do all my email replies from Gmail and go back to Hubspot to check on the deal, notes, etc.


My Gmail is already connected to Hubspot and sent emails already show up in Gmail. Why not enable us to send a reply directly within Hubspot so we don't have to manage our email outside of the CRM. I have never used a CRM that doesn't handle email.





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Exactly this. I was searching for a reply / forward function everywhere as I really expected it to be there already. Turns out I wasn't a bad searcher but the functionality doesn't exist (yet). Replying is an ESSENTIAL functionality in any e-mail interface. Replying should be relatively easy to implement, so please fix this, Hubspot! 

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This should be an easy implementation. I only wonder why it hasn't been done yet. It makes me think that there is some part that I'm missing.


Anyone from Hubspot seeing this???

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This feel like a really important feature - not having it completely breaks the work flow. A bit dissapointed in this given how well everythng else works.

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So is the "Ideas" forum a place for users to talk to themselves?


Where is HubSpots response?


Come on HubSpot. You can do better than this. A simple response to indicate that anyone has actually seen this request after 5-months would be appreciated.

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I'm going to start Tweeting at these three accounts to see if we can get any response - bhalligan hubspot HubSpotDev


I'd love it if anyone else would Tweet as well.

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This should definitely be addressed as a feature, particularly for those of us with a Sales Pro licence...There are many amazing features about Hubspot CRM, but this is one of the downsides. This is essential for any business that wants to be productive. The irony is that the sales pro enables you to send all your emails from outlook or gmail so you don;t have to leave your normal email system, yet the best use of time would be to not have to leave your CRM to send emails. Please can we get some response from Hubspot on this? Thank you!

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 100% agree with all of the above - this would be especially useful for those of us who keep our inboxes at 0 Smiley Happy


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After 1 day of usage, I found this feature a must have. I don't understand why it's not in there. 

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It would be great if someone from Hubspot could chime in here.


This seems to be a really easy win for everyone.

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 This is really needed. Shouldn't be hard to do.

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PLease add this feature, it would be essential. 

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+1. We would really like to have this in the near future.

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This thread makes too much sense to not have been part of the original roadmap. See this real world flow.


1. First contact made with lead via CRM.

2. Lead replies with interest.

3. Reply with further detail as a tracked document.

4. Lead responds with desire to set up a call.

5. Call scheduled via reply.


How is step 3 supposed to be easily performed as a reply if unable to reply from the hubspot portal?




There are so many great features in Hubspot, I'm absolutely shocked this isn't available. Hit that block on the first time I used Hubspot for a customer.

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Yet another example of how Hubspot is so close to being a great system, but falls short of the mark. 


Any response from the team would be greatly appreciated. This just seems like such an oversight. 

updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

The ability to reply to emails from the timeline in HubSpot CRM is currently in beta!