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Allow editing notes and commenting on them on the iOS app

It's super frustrating not being able to comment or edit a note on the iOS app.


I receive notes I'm @ on when I'm on the move and there is no way to respond on the move. 


A super simple feature that could really help!

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Yes, I have the same issue.

  1. User A added a new comment and @mention user B on a deal record via HubSpot mobile app
  2. User B responded to user A's comment from desktop
  3. User A is able to view user B's response in desktop, however, user A is unable to view B's response in mobile app

This needs to be fixed.  It is super frustrating!


This is a problem. Not only can you not edit Company notes in iOS, you can't even see Meeting notes.

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Need to be able to edit meeting notes and change meeting outcome on pre-existing meetings from the iOSmobile app.

Absolutely crucial for traveling reps!


The fact that IOS is read-only is a detriment, given the mix of our reps on IOS and Android.  Let's go HobSpot DEVS, let's match critical features on both IOS and Android platforms!