Allow disabling default modules to encourage only using custom modules


The default modules are too generic and offer to much style customization. It would be great if an admin can disable some or all of the default modules and then display custom modules they create.


This is something that could also be apart of a theme as a setting file.

- Allowed default modules

- Allowed default tinymce rich text editor options


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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for submitting this idea! 

This is something we have been talking about as we expand the capabilities of themes, and what developers can control using theme.json. 

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A theme setting allowing for the specification of what modules you want to allow/show would be ideal. 

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yeah this will be so helpful!! 


Many thanks for adding your voice to this desired functionality on this Ideas's forum.

We are also looking for a way to make the default HubSpot modules invisible as we are not actually using them. Making the list of modules clearer and preventing users from selecting the wrong module (and leading to inconsistency on our website).


At the moment there's no way to hide/disable them, so you have our vote.