Allow direct links to email threads

HubSpot provides a great way to record email conversations with customers and leads. Because emails go into HubSpot, we don't need to CC in lots of people on email threads in order to keep them informed of customer communications.


However, it's not possible to link to a specific email thread for a contact. So, if someone wants to find a specific thread (e.g. you need to check what was said several months ago), they have to go to the contact and scroll through all the emails to find the thread.


What would be great would be to have a "link" to a thread (similar to email pinning) which provided a URL that goes directly to a specific mail thread. That way, if I want to document a specific email thread, I can do so with a simple link.


Another benefit of this is that it prevents the proliferation of emails. At present, if I want to tell someone about a historical conversation by email, I have to attach the email thread. If I can just include a URL, then I don't send any personally identifiable information by email - only people with access to the URL will be able to view it.


I raised this on the community, and they suggested I try here: