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Allow customization of all Payments related system emails

It should be possible to edit all system emails for payments, like successful payments, payment reminders, and failed payment alerts. We want to customize this copy to increase the liklihood that users act on these emails. If some of them need to contain specific content for compliance reasons, it should be possible to edit an introductory paragraph, or add simple copy to the email which gets included in a standard template. E.g. allow the user to add a message before or after the payment info in the receipt email, even if the receipt part is generated by Hubspot. I'd also suggest that a record of any automatic or manually sent Hubspot system emails should show up in the contact's activity list.

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I have also noticed the logo at the top spans full width and looks too large. Is there a way to control a maximum width or override the style of this email notification being sent?

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Up vote. This feature is needed. Specifically the ability customize HS Payment Receipt emails.