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Allow customers to reopen closed conversations

We should be able to allow the customers to reopen the closed chats /tickets, at least from the Customer Portal section. At the moment, we're very hesitant to close the chats even if we provide a solution to the customer, simply because the reopen feature is still not present and we'd like to avoid having multiple conversations for the same topic.


We tried merging the tickets, but the conversations are not fused together and it's hard to understand the bigger picture. Also, from the right-hand side panel we can see only all the conversations, not the ones associated to a particular ticket, so that should also be changed for a clearer overview.


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Estaría increíble que nos llegaran las conversaciones de Instagram DM como lo hace Facebook a su bandeja de entrada, así todo lo tendríamos en un mismo lugar. 

Manejamos muchas redes sociales y casi todas tienen la opción de mensajería instantanea. 


When we contact HubSpot support, this IS possible, please make the feature work for your customers as well1


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