Allow custom email activity association with Deals via Outlook


Ok, HubSpot! You've done it for your Gmail users - and your Outlook users would greatly appreciate some love. 

Please create the ability when sending an email via an Outlook connected Sales inbox to CHOOSE which Deals the email gets associated to. Today the behavior is: that HubSpot automatically associates to the related company and the 5 most recent Open Deal records. This is leaving many companies having to manually disassociate the incorrect email activity from Deal records they have nothing to do with. Just check out the many threads and RECENT 2020 posts on those threads and HubSpot continues to provide no update! 


Applications: Multiple Deals with the Same Company where certain Contacts are involved on 1 Deal, but not others, Any Company with Partner relationships 

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Status updated to: Delivered
Feb 24, 2021

Hello all,


Thank you for your patience and feedback! This feature is now live to all O365 Add-In customers and we have documentation here on the settings and how to use it when composing emails


Please let me know if you have any further questions! 




Status updated to: In Planning
Dec 3, 2020

Hello everyone,


We are currently working on building this for our O365 Add-In. I'll post here again when we are closer to the beta. Please let me know if you have any feedback on the product or other thoughts at


Thanks all! 

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@Flora is there a way to do this for calendar appointments? I've fixed the settings that auto associate emails to all related deals for that contact, but I am still getting random associations between the calendar appts and the deals.


Seriously Hubspot, how is this functionality not already implemented for the Out Desktop plug-in.  Hubspot is supposed to make our life easier giving us more time to actually sell, all it does is create more work for us having to go in and dis-associate emails from multiple deals.


You keep marking these as "Status Delivered" when they are only partially delivered via the web clients.  I can't even install that because it clashes with the Desktop plug in!!