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Allow custom email activity association with Deals via Outlook

Ok, HubSpot! You've done it for your Gmail users - and your Outlook users would greatly appreciate some love. 

Please create the ability when sending an email via an Outlook connected Sales inbox to CHOOSE which Deals the email gets associated to. Today the behavior is: that HubSpot automatically associates to the related company and the 5 most recent Open Deal records. This is leaving many companies having to manually disassociate the incorrect email activity from Deal records they have nothing to do with. Just check out the many threads and RECENT 2020 posts on those threads and HubSpot continues to provide no update! 


Applications: Multiple Deals with the Same Company where certain Contacts are involved on 1 Deal, but not others, Any Company with Partner relationships 

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February 24, 2021 07:01 AM

Hello all,


Thank you for your patience and feedback! This feature is now live to all O365 Add-In customers and we have documentation here on the settings and how to use it when composing emails


Please let me know if you have any further questions! 




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December 03, 2020 10:56 AM

Hello everyone,


We are currently working on building this for our O365 Add-In. I'll post here again when we are closer to the beta. Please let me know if you have any feedback on the product or other thoughts at


Thanks all! 

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We want to have the ability to log our incoming emails to deals (and other records), directly from Outlook. Ideally, we'd like to have an "associate with records" option available for all incoming/ outgoing emails, on the contact information side panel (pictured below).



Hey there,


this is exactly the feature we're looking for. As an ex-Salesforce company, we miss this feature as it allows us to quickly associate any mails with the relevant objects (deals, accounts, contacts). I would argue that this is a feature every company coming from salesforce (or others) would strongly miss.


A quick mock-up of how it could look like. You search for "Apple" because you have an e-mail you think might be relevant for others working with this company. Once you found the results associated with apple you can click on the blue Mail button to attach the mail you're currently in to the company, account or deals.




Right now, we have to forward the mail including a workaround because the forward doesn't work for non-English clients, to Hubspot and then open the mail in hubspot and add the additional objects (e.g. deal).


Thanks a lot



After speaking to many customers about this, I can totally see how this would benefit a lot of businesses that are using external email clients with HubSpot. 


This is an absolute must to add in our Opinion. We need this to manage and log our internal communications about customers. 


As we have multiple deals with the same contacts / companies. Email traffic is now automatically logged to both the deal / company and contact. We would like to be able to control settings for this. As we don't automatically want all email to be connected to every deal. This keeps our system more clean. 


@rick_d : Are there any plans to implement this feature?


This feature would be beneficial for everyone on hubspot. The goal is to have clarity for each deal. It'll increase efficiency and decrease confusion for our other team members when they're trying to see an update on each deal. 


There should be an option to log emails specifically to a certain deal on the email integration itself instead of associating the email with all deals from that client. We have clients that have separate deals at the same time. For example, we have a few contacts that are associated with various deals. So if contact X is helping us with deal 1, deal 2, deal 3, when we email contact X and check off "log email" it will log the email with all 3 deals. 


Agreed.  I had submitted this idea years ago.  I understand that an Outlook client and a Gmail client look differently and there may be difficulties in how to complete this task, but I think the most frustrating part is not having any input on why it is difficult or why it is taking so long.  A general explanation would be better than crickets.


I also realize that your key target market might be your Gmail clients.  I get it, I run a business and you have to have laser focus on your target to create the best product.  However, I hear these commercials on different radio shows and I just think to myself, put the effort and money toward incorporating Outlook clients and all of a sudden you have opened up the vast majority of corporate America as a user base which will by its nature create a recurring revenue stream that you can only imagine having.


At least provide an update is my request.


I agree! This is an essential feature (such a waste of time and makres adoption a lot harder if users are expected to disassociate emails from deals!) This happens a lot when you have customers with a lot of deals! Would appreciate an update too.


This really is essential. @jsg121 do you have an update on this please?


Agreed. We would also like to have the same feature. We have multiple deals with any one contact/company. 


Agreed!  This is the greatest complaint our company has.  Existing HubSpot users need to be taken care of.  Everytime HubSpot adds a new feature, but doesn't improve on or fix the existing issues, they imply that they don't care about faithful clients.


We have the exact same problem and its slowing our employee engagement in Hubspot. Sending out from Outlook it would be gresat if the Hubspot tool bar coudl allow the user to tick select which deals of that specific contact the email should be linked to. 


I am coming from MS Dynamics, and I can't believe that this is not an exiting feature in Hubspot.  The O365 integration is pretty much useless without it.  Need this desperately. 


Deperately need this.  Come on hubspot!


We have just implemented HubSpot and I'm so upset to learn about this issue with Outlook. It honestly would have factored into my decision making had I known this at the time, as this is a major pain point for our sales team now. Please please fix this HubSpot!


Hello, we are now getting to the point that we are spending more time telling users that use the Outlook extension or BCC  to clean their emails conntected to irrelevant deals or tickets in hubspot than actually doing work. We have so many problems with dirtly records that confuse the user experience that we are seriously considering leaving emails out of hubspot and disconnecting our server. The consequences of this could be very negative for our sales team but I think it woudl actully save time finding things compared to this.


Completely agree with you @William_Clayton 

Hubspot - can we have an update please?


Agreed 100% on this.


Our CS team is mostly using Outlook as it has some advantages for their specific needs and workflows.

Telling people to "just use GMail" is not an option here.


Still we need to have HubSpot as the single source of truth for all information that is relevant for a specific deal.

This is really blocking them from adapting HubSpot more enthusiastically.